Here is my collection of various SPC/KNT Multimedia. Right now, I have all the tracks to the KNT Drama CD and all the tracks to the KNT Music CD in MP3 formatt. This CD is very rare, so feel free to download these files and burn them onto your own CD. I would like to thank Expresso and Purrcat for their help with these files. Without them, this wouldn't be possible. I also would like to thank Tigriss who translated most of the track titles. Along with the rare CD music, you can also find some Polly Ester avitars. Feelfree to use those as well, no credit necessary but I do wish to thank ApacheMan2K for the screen captures that made making these avitars possible. If you have any multimedia you wish to donate, send it to

KNT Music CD
KNT Drama CD
SPC Avitars