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The Legend Of The North Wind
Sonja Ball, Teddy Lee Dillon, A.J. Henderson, Rick Jones, Terrance Scammel

Off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada the cold and evil North Wind is freed to wreek havoc.  On board the San Juan, a perstigous sailing vessel harbored off Labrador, Newfoundland, Ane and Elliot discover what has happened and with the help of an inuit boy Watuna, they set out to seal up the North Wind's powers.  However, Ane and Elliot are only children and are under the care of Martin and Captain Galar.  Ane is often running into trouble with Captain Galar because he doesn't believe in bringing girls on board the ship. Elliot however is rather cowardly and has trouble defending himself.  To top it all off, the North Wind is using pirate Barnaby to aid him in his quest, and keep the children from interfering.   However, aided by the Sea, the children find ways to defete the North Wind. Vocal Credits

Singing Credits