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“SPC: V.A.P.O.R.”

Started: November 2 nd, 11:30PM

Finished: To be Determined.

Notes: Contains some language and violent/disturbing scenes.

--- --- ---

The Big Cheese was having second thoughts about this new plan he was developing. It was very high risk and dangerous to life and limb, so lots of planning and precaution was needed. Cheese was pacing in the laboratory, watching his hired researchers work. V.A.P.O.R. was almost complete, but he was warned that it would be unstable.

“I don’t care how long it takes, I’ve spent a lot of money on this. I’ve learned from my past mistakes of not to build cheap robots anymore, so do your job and quit your complaining.”

The scientists continued working, the dark grey metal gleamed in the bright lab lights. A few clicks of the keyboard was all it took. The mechanical eyes turned on, glowing a dark blue… It was functional.

Cheese recoiled as he witnessed the creation move around and orient itself. Truly a horrifying sight, a machine of pure killing instinct. He was never fond of these creatures, but if he had to use one, so be it.

“It’s perfect…” Cheese said under his breath, which was somewhat taken away from the sight. It’s legs that hung over the side of the worktable moved, then dug in for a firm grip, forcing the metal to bend and groan. Raising itself up on all 8 legs, it let out a loud mechanical squeal..

“At last, I’ve created the perfect weapon. A state of the art, lethal, biomechanical and highly dangerous--”

--- --- ---


Speedy was sitting up in his bed, staring face to face with an ordinary, black house spider. With a quick snap of the wrist, he caught the Spider. “Gotcha, you little bastard.” He got out of bed and opened his window. After giving the spider a toss, he dusted his hands off and got himself ready for the day.

It was a beautiful, warm spring day, as new life was breathed into the city. Bright green grass, a cool blue sky and the hot yellow sun all made for the perfect day.

The Emporium was enjoying a fruitful amount of customers as the daily lunch rush raged onwards. It was around two o’clock when a break was called by Francine, the cats obviously needed a break. It was just a regular day, but a phone call changed all that. It was none other than Big Al.

Big Al seemed a little more tense and fast-talking then normal today, almost like something was highly bugging him.. Speedy was the first to pick up on it.

“Hey, Al. You OK big guy?”

“Um, well, no. Not everything is fine, there seems to be reports of some unknown creature lurking around the old warehouse section of town. As you know, the Princess doesn’t like any unrest within her city, so would you three mind checking it out? Thank you, cats.”

Speedy replied, “Right on, we’re on our way.”

Francine opened up the launch chutes as the cats did the classic armour thing. They were loaded and ready to go. Three quick blasts resonated over the city as they took to the skies.

Speedy was the first to question the point of this mission.

“Did Big Al say ANYTHING regarding the purpose of this? I was looking forward to having a nice lunch..”

Neither Polly nor Guido knew, as they all left in a great hurry due to the urgency heard in Big Al’s request to deploy the cats.

“Guess we’ll find out when we get there, Speed.” Polly mused.

They began their descent into the warehouse district of Little Tokyo. A usual crash landing occurred, as the three we’re piled up against the wall of a run-down warehouse, leaving some cracks in the wall.

“Ugh, remind me to see my chiropractor after this mission..” Guido stated as he stood up, dusting himself off. The three cats looked around, it was strangely quiet, even for Little Tokyo. They began a search of the area, but there was really nothing to search. All the warehouses were locked and barred tightly, so entry wasn’t possible without a lot of hacking, slashing and exploding.

Speedy was trying to pull on a doorknob of one structure with all his might.

“Ahh!” His hand slipped from the knob and he fell back onto his tail.

“Speedy, first of all, the door is barred shut, secondly, it’s locked tighter than the Palace entrances at night and lastly, even if it wasn’t locked, you’re supposed to PUSH, not pull.”

Speedy, slightly embarrassed, replied, “Hehe, yeah.. I kinda noticed that Anchovy, thanks for pointing that out.” He rubbed the back of his helmet and moved on. Seems that Big Al has led them astray, since there was nothing here except big, empty warehouses which were sealed up tightly.

Polly commented, “I think we’ve been had, lets just go home.. Maybe Al made a mistake and thought there was a disturbance down here.. Maybe he’s getting confused in his old age? Anyways, wanna head home, guys?” Both of them agreed. They began heading out of the dilapidated industry district, grumbling slightly. Polly stopped walking, patting her back right above her tail.

“Damn it.. My flute is missing” She exclaimed worriedly, “I must have dropped it after our landing. Hang on, I’ll be right back.” She took off quickly back to the spot where they made their entrance. After a few seconds of searching, it was sticking out of the ground a bit. Polly picked it up and dusted it off, played a few notes on it and smiled to herself. Resetting it onto her back armour again right above her tail, she turned around and was about to call out to the guys.. That’s when things got a bit odd.

It was almost inaudible, the slight noise, but Polly’s sensitive ears picked it up. As though someone was tapping on something metal a distance away.

*Tick tick tick.*

*Tick tick tick.*

Her ears flicked a couple of times, she blinked twice, looking off in the direction of the peculiar noise. It was coming from one of the nearby warehouses. Due to the curiosity of her “catness” she had to check it out. The tapping noise was heard again, a bit louder this time, from behind one of the barred doors of a dark warehouse. Polly stopped in front of it, watching it. It’s rusted hinges and bolts wavered again as the pounding happened again, though it was loud, as if something wanted out… Desperately.

She took another step towards it… Another… Then another…




She placed a hand over the door, the vibrations running through her fingers. Her head tilted to one side, trying to get an ear closer to the metal door, perhaps to hear something that would give any clue as to what was making the noise. It all went quiet, no more noise, not even a whisper…