The day in the life of a pizza cat

NARRIATOR: Over time, The Pizza Cat bussness had sky-rocketed ever since Polly came up with a new type of pizza that was a big hit. We start off our story with Speedy’s alarm clock going off at 6am. Speedy, awakened by the beeping noise threw the clock against the wall and it broke. He then fell back asleep which was a bad idea.


FRANCINE: Speedy! Get your sorry butt out of bed now or will I have to let the dogs out again?! (Polly was sitting on a chair laughing at what Fran said.)


FRANCINE: I thought I told you to get up! Guido is even up before you! That is it! I’m releasing the dogs!

GUIDO: The dogs will be to nice to him. Send Polly on him. He will never sleep in again.

FRANCINE: That is true. All right! You better get up soon or Polly will come in there and beat the catnip out of you!


NARRIATOR: Speedy walked in ready for work.

SPEEDY: Smells good Polly! (he walked into the kitchen) What is for breakfast?

POLLY: This isn't breakfast. This is the food for the dogs. (she put it in a bowl and put the bowl in the backyard)

GUIDO: Speedy is right though. For once there is a pleasent smell in here and not the stuff you make, sweety. (he started to laugh and that got Polly mad)


NARRIATOR: Guido just got done getting the catnip kicked out of him.

GUIDO: Call me a chiropractor please.

FRANCINE: You’re a chiropractor.

GUIDO: Thanks.

SPEEDY: Well, since you spent the past 20 minutes beating Guido up. What are we having for breakfast?

POLLY: Since you liked the dog food so much you can have it for breakfast! Here! (she threw a plate with brown stuff on it at him and he caught it, then looked at it)

SPEEDY: I’m sorry. I rather take my chances with your food. (he threw it in the trash can)

POLLY: You are going to be in serious pain!


NARRIATOR: Polly spent those 15 minutes beating up Speedy Francine and Guido decided to get some cereal since Polly was busy.

FRANCINE: Next thing you know she will be beating up the B-Team.

GUIDO: To late for that. Genneral Catton and Bat Cat got beat up good and the other two will be next.


NARRIATOR: The pizza shop opened and Guido was complaining about his foot hurting him so he and Polly switched places for the day. Polly wasn't to happy about that but she wouldn't argue with Francine especially since she is responsible for there pay.

COUSTOMER: Hey sweet thing! Can I get you to go? (she jumped kicked him)

POLLY: Say that to me one more time and you will never live to see your pathetic life again! Is that clear?

COUSTOMER: Very clear. (he got up and staggered out)

GUIDO: Someone is touchy today.

FRANCINE: This is nothing. One time she threw a customer through the window and over the horizon for calling her a babe. (Speedy came up to get some more orders)

SPEEDY: Who are these for?

GUIDO: The person we hate the most.

SPEEDY: Jim Carrey?

GUIDO: The other one.

SPEEDY: Marylin Manson?

GUIDO: No! It starts with an S.

SPEEDY: Oh. Stephen Spielberg.

GUIDO: No! It is Seymore you idiot! Get going or I will have Francine dock your pay! (he ran out the door)

FRANCINE: You have been spending way to much time around Polly. You are starting to act like her.

GUIDO: It isn't my fault I have known her for most of my life.


NARRIATOR: The breakfast brunch cleared out and it was deserted except for one customer. None of them had seen him around before so they figured he must be new.

POLLY: Well, it is 8:30. You know what that means?

GUIDO: I get to call someone first! (he ran to the phone and dialed a number out of blue. He held the phone so they both could hear what the person was saying on the other end. A girl picked up)

PERSON: Hello?

GUIDO: Yes. (he said mimicking Kasey Kassim) You have won a free trip!

PERSON: Really? Where? (Polly got on and spoke in a sexy voice)

POLLY: With me on a deserted island.

PERSON: I’m sorry. I’m not like that. (the girl on the other end hung up followed by Guido and Polly who were laughing)

GUIDO: Nice job pumpkin! (they dialed another number)

SPEEDY: Everyday they do the same thing. Prank call strangers. (the stranger got up and pushed the dial that made the phone hang up)

POLLY: What did you do that for?

STRANGER: Cause I can. (he walked out the door)

FRANCINE: I don’t think he finds prank calling funny.

GUIDO: But it is funny!

SPEEDY: Fran and I think it is getting old.

FRANCINE: It has been old for the past 3 months.


NARRIATOR: The pizza shop was still empty except for a couple who was sitting at a table in the back corner.

SPEEDY: That same couple comes in here at the same time everyday.

FRANCINE: I think it is romantic. Sitting at the same table everyday.

SPEEDY: I find it repulsive. (Polly and Guido came up to them)

POLLY: If you really want to see repulsive, go look in a mirror.

GUIDO: That will be hard since he keeps breaking them everyt ime he looks into one. (they both started laughing)

SPEEDY: That isn't funny. I think I’m going to give the couple there order now. (he ran off)

FRANCINE: You guys sure are in a silly mood today.

POLLY: I know. It is probably from the coffee we had this mourning.

FRANCINE: Since when do you guys drink coffee?

GUIDO: Ever since you started making us get up at 6 in the mourning. I’m telling you Polly. It’s torture.

POLLY: That is for sure honey.

FRANCINE: O-kay! You guys are getting on my last nerve! If you don’t stop it, I’m going to... (the phone rang and she picked it up. Guido stood next to her) Hello! Pizza Cats Pizza! Can I help you?

PERSON: Yea. Can I have two pizza pies to be delivered please.

GUIDO: I don’t know. Can you?

PERSON: Nevermind. Some people are so rude! (the person hung up and Guido started laughing)

FRANCINE: What did you do that for?

GUIDO: She used improper English.

FRANCINE: Will you go away and bug someone else! (she kicked him and he hit the wall next to Polly who was laughing at the whole incident)

POLLY: Serves you right. (she looked down at him)

GUIDO: Just shut up darling.

POLLY: Like I’m going to listen to you, cupcake. (she then kicked him and he hit the other wall)


NARRIATOR: The buissness started to pick up like it always does at this time. You are probably wondering what is with the nicknames that Polly and Guido call each other, well, they lost a bet badly and have to say that stuff for two weeks. Today was there first day since they lost the bet last night. You can say that they have to act like they are going out. A little bit anyway.

FRANCINE: Wow! Business is starting to pick up like it always does at this time!

SPEEDY: Good repetition job Fran.



NARRIATOR: The shop closes at this time for two hours so the workers can get a lunch break before they open again.

POLLY: Well, I will be back in two hours. I’m going shopping with Lucieal.

SPEEDY: Can Guido and I come with you guys? (Lucieal walked into the shop)

POLLY: Why do you guys want to go shopping with us? And I will not accept “because we want to flirt with Lucieal”. So, why are you guys coming now?

GUIDO: Nevermind then. I don’t want to go dear.

POLLY: I figured you wouldn't after I said that. Precious.

LUCIEAL: Well Speedy, why do you want to go?

SPEEDY: Just to do something besides sit around.

LUCIEAL: Of course you can come then. This will be fun!

POLLY: Fine. Come on! We are wasting precious shopping time! See you guys later! (they walked out the door)


NARRIATOR: Our friends just arrived at the mall. Boy, I hate this fanfic. I barely say anything.

SPEEDY: What do you guys need to get at the mall anyway?

POLLY: I need to get some new outfits.

LUCIEAL: Same here.

SPEEDY: But you already have over 100 in your closet?

POLLY: You went and looked around in my room. Didn’t you?

SPEEDY: No. I never did that.

LUCIEAL: Then how do you know how many outfits she has?

SPEEDY: Oh yea. (a stupid grin crossed his face)

POLLY: Just what I thought!


NARRIATOR: Polly decided not to hit him since Lucieal convinced her that she didn't have any proof. They were standing in a store which was having a clearance sale. Speedy waited outside for the girls to return.

SPEEDY: Is this ever boring. I would have had more fun twiddling my thumbs then this. (he saw a sign in a window that caught his eye)

NARRIATOR: Of course the sign was in Japannase since this is an “Anime” cartoon show/fanfic

SPEEDY: Enter now and you could win a dinner for two. ( he read out loud,a sly grin crossed his face) Why not. I have nothing to loose. (he filled out a form and when he was done, Polly and Lucieal came out of the store with a bunch of bags)

POLLY: Speedy! Get over here now and help us! (he ran up to them and Polly gave him all her bags and Lucieal did the same thing)

BOTH: Thanks Speedy! (he could barely walk because of the weight)

SPEEDY: No problem.


NARRIATOR: Our three shoppers got back late because it was taking Speedy forever. He had just dropped off Lucieal’s bags and as soon as he walked through the door of the pizza shop, he dropped Polly’s bags on the floor and collapsed.

FRANCINE: What took you guys so long?

POLLY: Speedy here was taking forever to carry or shopping bags. (she looked down at Speedy’s body laying on the floor) Poor kid. I guess 50 bags was too heavy for him.

SPEEDY: Are you ever right.

FRANCINE: Come on you two! We are getting really packed right now. (Polly was going up to the cash register to take her place but Guido was there)

GUIDO: Remeber? My foot was bothering me this mourning and we traded places. (she stepped on his foot)

POLLY: Now it is! (Guido started hopping around and she took her place behind the register) Now darling. What are you supposed to do?

GUIDO: Wait on tables my little brownie. (he hopped over to a table)

POLLY: Why did we ever make that bet Fran? Calling each other these cute little mushy nicknames is disgusting.

FRANCINE: Hey! It wasn't my idea for the three of you to go off in the middle of the night and play poker against some stranger.

POLLY: That stranger was Lucieal. She and Speedy were one team, Guido and I were another team. (Guido came up)

GUIDO: As much as I hate to disturb this little gossip time but remember? You have customers lining up.

FRANCINE: Oh god! I forgot! (she and Polly started to work again.


NARRIATOR: Bussiness was starting to slow down again and wouldn't pick up till dinner time at 5. Speedy went out to check the mail.

SPEEDY: This is probably more fan mail for Polly. (he took out a big stack of mail)


NARRIATOR: 3 minutes passed and Speedy took the mail inside and started to go through it. The four of them each had their own little box where their mail went.

SPEEDY: Hmmmm...5 letters for Polly, 1 for Fran, 10 for Guido, another 15 for Polly, 12 more for Fran, and I can't believe it! One letter for me! (Polly was watching him)

POLLY: I can't believe it! For the first time since this whole show started you actually got some mail! Hey guys come see this! (they rushed in)

GUIDO: What is it my little butter cup? Boy! The writer needs to get a life. Boy are these nicknames stupid.

SPEEDY: I got a letter!

FRANCINE: Open it!

POLLY AND GUIDO: It is probably junk mail. (Francine turned around and faced them)

FRANCINE: Will you two shut up!

SPEEDY: Hey! I won the contest that I entered at the mall!

FRANCINE: What did ya win?

SPEEDY: A dinner for two at a romantic restraunt! (Polly grabbed the letter from his hand)

POLLY: Wow! You really did win it! So, who are you taking to dinner tonight?

SPEEDY: I don’t know. I didn't think about that. (Guido snatched it from Polly)

GUIDO: Boy! Aren’t you lucky! I wish I had won this! (Speedy snatched it back from him)

SPEEDY: Too bad! It is mine!

FRANCINE: So tell us! Who are you taking?

POLLY AND GUIDO: Yea! Tell us!

SPEEDY: thing though. Will you two stop talking in unison!


FRANCINE: Ignore them. They are just doing it to get on your nerves.

POLLY AND GUIDO: Whatever! (they looked at each other) Will you stop it?! I didn't start it you did! Will you cut this out!

SPEEDY: This will take a while. Anyway, I’m taking...(he whispered it into Fran’s ear)

FRANCINE: Won’t she be happy to hear that!


NARRIATOR: Polly and Guido were trying to stop talking in unison but it wasn't working. Boy! The writers are getting worse each day!


NARRIATOR: Polly and Guido were still at it so Francine did what she should have done before!

FRANCINE: Shut up! Boy are you guys getting on my nerves! Get out of here now and don’t come back till you stop talking in unison!

GUIDO AND POLLY: Sorry. (they looked at each other again) I thought I told you to stop it?!

SPEEDY: Wait a second! Hey Polly! Are you free tonight?

POLLY: Yes I am. Why?

SPEEDY: How would you like to come with me out to dinner tonight?

POLLY: I would like that. (Francine jumped in the air)

FRANCINE: All right! They stopped talking in unison! You guys can stay after all! Thanks Speedy! (she gave him a quick hug)

SPEEDY: Hey. No problem.


NARRIATOR: The pizza shop closed just an half hour ago and our four favorite cats headed out for a night on the town.

GUIDO: Gee honey. It was nice of you to invite us.

POLLY: You think I would actually want to spend the evening alone with Speedy? You should know me better then that lov’. (Speedy’s ears lowered)

FRANCINE: That was mean Polly. Espically in front of Speedy.

POLLY: I’m sorry. (she walked up to Speedy and put her hand on his shoulder) Fran is right. That was really mean of me.

SPEEDY: Huh? (he snapped out of his daze) Oh yea. Apology accepted. Our reservations are at 7:15. We better hurry.


NARRIATOR: Boy is this restraunt ever fancy. I mean how many restraunts have dancing and is all lit up by candle light. Some slow music is playing in the background.

GUIDO: Speedy? (he waved his hand in front of his face) Hello? Is anyone home in there?

SPEEDY: Oh. Sorry. I was just thinking about something.

FRANCINE: For 30 minutes?


POLLY: Gosh I hate fancy restraunts, It makes ours look

GUIDO: Small and boring?

POLLY: Yea. Small and boring. Thanks sweety.

FRANCINE: Come on. Our restraunt that bad. (she pulled out a calculator) We made over 1500 dollars more in profit this year then the past 2 years combined!

SPEEDY: Thank you for that information. If that is so, why are we getting cheated on our pay?

FRANCINE: Someone has to pay the writers.

GUIDO: With writers like this one, they deserve to be taken out and be shot not payed. (he started to laugh)

POLLY: That wasn't funny.

GUIDO: Huh? Since when did you like the writers tweety bird?

POLLY: I don’t. Shooting them is to small of a punishment. They deserved to be hit by my heart bombs and slain by my dagger. (there dinner arrived and Polly had ordered the stake)

SPEEDY: Yea. That would be great to see. (she took out her dagger, since they were in their fighting uniforms, and stabbed the steak)

POLLY: Care for a demo? (Guido was cracking up big time)

FRANCINE: No thanks. I want to enjoy this meal without watching you terroirze your food. So childish. (Speedy was even laughing)

POLLY: I’m kidding Fran. Hey! I cheered Speedy up so now do you think it is still childish? (she picked up her dagger and it wouldn't come out so she started waving it back and forth)

FRANCINE: Yes. What are you doing if you don’t mind me asking? (they were all watching her with her dinner stuck to her dagger)

POLLY: Trying to get my dagger out of this darn stake! (the dagger came out but her dinner went flying and hit another customer in the head)Uh-oh.

GUIDO: Nice job honey lamb. (he started cracking up again and his arm hit his dinner plate and his dinner went flying) Opps. (Francine shook her head in disapointment and the manager walked up to them, Speedy was laughing too)

MANAGER: I need to ask you guys to leave. You have caused a big commotion in here. (Guido, Polly, and Speedy were trying not to laugh but ended up laughing anyway)

FRANCINE: I’m sorry about my friends. (she pulled out a 100 dollar bill) I hope that covers it even though this dinner was supossed to be free.

MANAGER: Just out of curiosity 'mam. How old are they?

FRANCINE: 18 going on 3.

MANAGER: Boy do they need discipline. I know a good day care center.

FRANCINE: I can't do that to them. It just wouldn't be the same without them around.


NARRIATOR: Our favorite heros just got done getting yelled at by Francine for an hour and she finally calmed down.

FRANCINE: Gosh. You out of all people Polly.

POLLY: I was just trying to cheer Speedy up. (she was still laughing a little bit)

GUIDO: Yea! I hit my plate by accident! I swear!

SPEEDY: I’m tired you guys. I’m going to bed. You all should be doing the same thing.

FRANCINE: We will continue discussing this in the mourning. (she and Speedy headed towards their rooms)

GUIDO: She means she will continue yelling at us all day tomorow.

POLLY: Is that ever true. Well, goodnight surgar.

GUIDO: Goodnight. Just between you and me, lets say we kill Speedy and Lucieal tommorow for ever making this bet with us.

POLLY: Sounds like a plan.