Friends 4 Life

NARRATOR: Lucille, Polly, and the others were in the pizza shop when a guy walked in.

SPEEDY: Hey there! (he ran towards him) How can I help you sir?

C.B: I'm C.B. Spikel and I’m looking for a Polly Ester, Lucille, Francine, Speedy Cervichey, and Guido Anchovi. SPEEDY: Well, you have the right place! What's up?

C.B: Can you take me to them please?

SPEEDY: Follow me sir!

POLLY: Ha! Four aces! I win! (she put down her cards)

GUIDO: Ack! Not again! All that is left is my boxers. (Polly and Lucille were smiling) Oh no! I don't think so you two! I'm out of this game!

POLLY: You can't drop out till we run out of cards.

LUCILLE: Yea and just to let you know, we rigged the deck so you could be humiliated. (they started laughing along with Francine)

GUIDO: Very funny! You all are sick! I'm not taking off my boxers! I'm sorry!

POLLY: Your no fun.

LUCILLE: Tell me about it.

FRANCINE: How ‘bout his helmet instead? (they looked at each other and smiled)

POLLY: I like that idea! Just watch him be bald!

GUIDO: I'm not bald! Fine! You want my helmet, here you go! (he took it off and long black hair came out of it that fell to his shoulders) There. Now can I get out of this game?

POLLY: You know what, your hair would look a lot better tied up in a pony tail.

GUIDO: Really? Hmmmm

SPEEDY: Hang on a sec C.B. (he opened the door) You first. (C. B. walked in followed by Speedy)

C.B: Why is that guy just in his boxers?

GUIDO: 'Cause I got cheated in strip poker. Who are you?

C.B: I can see that. I'm C.B. Spikel and I'm a recording director.

POLLY: Nice try Seymore. We aren't falling for it this time.

LUCILLE: It can't be Seymore, Polly...he went crazy and left. Remember?

POLLY: Oh yea. (Guido grabbed his clothes from Polly and put them on)

SPEEDY: I'm Speedy Cervichey! The cute red head is Polly, the blonde is Francine, the dark haired lady is Lucille, and the guy getting dressed is Guido.

FRAN: Why do you want to see us?

C.B: How would you 5 like to be in a band?

POLLY: Sure! Sounds fun!

ALL4: Yea!

SPEEDY: I have a name for the band too. Friends 4 Life!

FRAN: I like it.

LUCILLE: Same here!


C.B: All right then. Its settled. I need a song from you guys in the morning. (he made his way out but came back in) Just one second. Who is going to do what?

FRAN: I can play the Keyboard!

POLLY: I can be a singer!

GUIDO: So can I and play the electric guitar!

SPEEDY: I'm good at the drums!

LUCILLE: I can be another singer too and play the tambourine!

C.B: OK. I got all that written down. I need your first song in the morning. Bye all! (he left)

LUCILLE: Our own band! How cool!

GUIDO: Think about all the girls we get to meet Speedy!

SPEEDY: Yea....but Polly is the only one for me and I'm a one feline guy. (they looked at each other and smiled)

GUIDO: Come on. Lets get started on our song.

NARRATOR: The next morning, when C. B. arrived, their song was ready.

C.B: I like it. (he studied it) Now I have to hear it. Come with me to the studio please!

NARRATOR: They arrived at the studio and began setting up. Polly was helping Speedy with the drums, Fran was practicing on the keyboard, Guido was tuning his guitar while Lucille was looking over the song.

POLLY: Oh Speedy. I have a real bad feeling about this.

SPEEDY: You do? What is it? (they finished setting up)

POLLY: That something bad is going to happen. I wish I could shake this feeling off.

SPEEDY: Don't worry. (he took her in his arms) Just try and have some fun.

POLLY: I'll try. (he gave her a quick kiss)

C.B: You all can begin now. What's the name of the song?

GUIDO: "Only love". Ready guys? (they got into position)

NARRATOR: When they were done, C.B. was thrilled out of his mind!

C.B: That was fantastic! I loved it! Write some more songs and we just might have something here!

GUIDO: All right! Hear that guys? We were great! (he gave everyone a high five)

NARRATOR: In less than a month, they had their first CD out and it sold out in 2 days. They just got done with their first concert and were relaxing in the lounge.

LUCILLE: I can't believe how far we've come! (Polly was in Speedy's lap and he had his arms around her)

SPEEDY: Do you still think something bad is going to happen Polly? (he whispered)

POLLY: Oh yea. The feeling has gotten stronger.

SPEEDY: I hope it doesn't mean anything.

GUIDO: Hey! What did your parents tell you about whispering?

POLLY: To do it as much as you can.

SPEEDY: To make it a past-time.

GUIDO: Forget you guys! (a young lady walked in)


FELINA: Hi! I'm C.B.’s assistant. I’m Felina!

GUIDO: Cool! What do you do exactly?

FELINA: I help arrange press conferences for popular bands.

SPEEDY: I assume you have one set up for is?

FELINA: That's right! This evening at 7 PM! See you there!

POLLY: We can't make it.

LUCILLE: Yea.....they have work to do.

FELINA: Your a rock band now. You don't need to work! See you tonight. (she left)

FRANCINE: I can't believe her!

GUIDO: She has a point though. We're a popular rock band, why do we have to work?

POLLY: 'Cause we have a shop to run and without it, we're just a bunch of ordinary cats!

SPEEDY: Hey now! Don't forget! Friends don't fight over stuff like this!

POLLY: I'm not going to fight with him, I just want to smack him silly so he will change his mind!

SPEEDY: Come on you guys. We have a press conference to attend.

NARRATOR: They all got dressed up and were at the press conference.

LADY1: So Guido, is it true you're single?

GUIDO: Depends, are you asking me for a date? (she giggled)

GUY1: Is it true Polly that you and Speedy are an item?

POLLY: What do you mean?

GUY1: I mean, are you guys going out?

POLLY: You bet!

SPEEDY: In fact we are coming up on our 3 month wedding anniversary.

GUY1: Congratulations!

LADY2: Is it true that all you do is rhyme 95% of the time?

FRAN: You bet kitty cat!

GUY2: Lucille, can I have your number?

LUCILLE: Sure! 1-800-Get a Life. (she high-fived Polly)

POLLY: Nice one!

LADY3: Are you guys really best friends off the stage?

GUIDO: Of course! I wouldn't have named my band that if it wasn't true! (they all looked at him) I mean our band. He he he.

NARRATOR: After the press conference, Felina wanted to talk to Guido. Privately. So they went into the back room.

GUIDO: What's up beautiful?

FELINA: You are very handsome. (he blushed)

GUIDO: Thanks.

FELINA: You are a very good singer too. How would you like to forget this crappy band and be in mine?

GUIDO: I can't do that. They're my friends.

FELINA: But, with you working with me, we can be bigger than big! get to go out with me.

GUIDO: that case, sure!

NARRATOR: While Guido was betraying his friends, Polly and Speedy took a walk to be by themselves.

POLLY: So, were are we going? (they were holding hands)

SPEEDY: A place so we can be alone. A place where no one can find us.

POLLY: You mean like crazy fans?

SPEEDY: Exactly!

POLLY: I think I'm going to like this place. I wonder what Felina wanted to talk to Guido about?

SPEEDY: I don't know. It can't be anything good. I don't trust her.

POLLY: Neither do I. I also can't believe how Guido said that our band name was his idea.

SPEEDY: Tell me about it. It was my idea.

POLLY: A very nice one at that. (they approached a small little house) Is this the place?

SPEEDY: Yea. I like to come here when I just want to be myself. It is very peaceful. (they walked in and she looked around)

POLLY: Wow! A television and everything. Just like a small little cottage!

SPEEDY: Do you like it? I built it myself.

POLLY: Its beautiful! So that is where you have been running off to for a year now!

SPEEDY: Yup! (she sat down on the couch and he turned on some music and sat next to her) You know why I built it?

POLLY: No. Why?

SPEEDY: So we can have a place to call our own. Also I don't want our kids to grow up in a pizza restaurant. It will give them a bad image at school.

POLLY: Speaking of kids. (he raised an eyebrow)

SPEEDY: Yea....? (she smiled)

POLLY: You're going to be a father.

SPEEDY: I am? All right! (he hugged her) Is it going to be a boy or a girl?

POLLY: I don't know yet. We won't know for a while.

SPEEDY: Wait till I tell the others!

NARRATOR: Back at the lounge, Felina and Guido were getting ready to tell the others what Guido decided.

GUIDO: So you see, that's why I decided to drop out of the band.

LUCILLE: Why? Just so you can go out with some slut?

FELINA: What did you call me?

GUIDO: see, she appreciates me 'cause of my talent.

LUCILLE: So do we! Right, Fran?


FELINA: Also, since Guido is leaving you guys, your band has now dissolved.

FRANCINE: What has C. B. said about all this?

FELINA: Just read this contract that both me, C.B., and Guido have signed. It was C.B.'s idea anyway.

LUCILLE: So, you are leaving us aren't you Guido?

GUIDO: I mean, Felina says that C. B. says that this is the best thing for us.

LUCILLE: Here! Let me see that! (she grabbed the contract from Felina) That doesn't look like his signature. (Felina grabbed it back)

FELINA: Trust me, it is. was nice working with you all. (she shoved them out the back door) I'll send your stuff to you. Buh bye! (she closed the door)

NARRATOR: The next morning, Fran and Lucille were waiting for Polly and Speedy to come back so they could tell them the news.

LUCILLE: I wonder where they were the whole night?

FRANCINE: I don't know. I hope they're all right. (the phone rang and Lucille answered)


CREEPY VOICE: I have your two friends. You know, Polly and Speedy, if you want to see them again, bring me all your money. Every single cent. If you do this, I will give you your friends back and tell you the real information behind Felina. (they hung up)

LUCILLE: That was weird.

FRANCINE: What was?

LUCILLE: That message. Here. I recorded it. (they listened to it again)

FRANCINE: Hmm....what could it mean?

LUCILLE: I don't know but that signature Felina showed us wasn't C.B.'s. This is C.B.'s (she pulled two pieces of paper)

FRANCINE: I thought Felina grabbed the contract back from you?

LUCILLE: She did but I grabbed it back when she wasn't looking. Now look at the two signatures.

FRANCINE: Holy Moly! She’s a fake! A fraud!

LUCILLE: Calm down. We get the point.


LUCILLE: You know, the readers and us?

FRANCINE: Oh yea. I forgot this was a fanfic. He he he

LUCILLE: Its all right. Blondes can get away with it.

FRANCINE: Hey! Was that an insult against blondes?

LUCILLE: Come on. We need to rescue our friends.

NARRATOR: I can't believe it. Lucille actually made a pun! I think its time that she stopped seeing the director's son. Felina had Polly, Speedy and Guido tied up and hanging from the ceiling over hot wax.

FELINA: Now to show you who I really am! (when she pulled off the disguise, it was Bad Bird except he had blonde hair)

GUIDO: I love the hair Bad Bird! Makes you look like a female! (when she pulled off the rest of the disguise, the three of them gasped)

SPEEDY: Ack! Someone got a sex change I see.

SHADOW: You dorks! I'm not Bad Bird! I'm his sister Shadow! My wussy brother became a good guy remember?

ALL 3: Oh yea.

SHADOW: I can't wait till you guys are done getting dipped! I can have statues of the three SPC and make you guys look as stupid as I want too!

POLLY: You can't do that! AT least let me go anyway.


POLLY: Tell her why Speedy.

SPEEDY: Cause I'm going to be a father and I want my kid to live if that's all right with you!

GUIDO: Congratulations Speedy! When were you guys going to tell us the exciting news?

POLLY: As soon as we got back, but that got interfered when Shadow here catnapped us!

SHADOW: Hmm....oh well. One less cat in the world. I don't really give a darn. (they were getting closer to the wax when Lucille and Francine blasted in)

GUIDO: Well look whose here?

LUCILLE: You leave our friends alone!

SHADOW: Why should I?

LUCILLE: 'Cause we saw how you are a fraud and we told C.B. He called the police. Call them in Fran!

SHADOW: Police? (she laughed) No one can stop me from finishing up my brother's work. Attack them crows! (the police saw the crows and ran away)

FRANCINE: Stupid Police Officers. (they tried to fight off the crows but were unsuccessful).

NARRATOR: While Shadow was watching this....Polly realized something. SO she whispered it to them.

POLLY: Hey guys. I have a way to get out of this mess. (she extended her claws)

SPEEDY: If you do that, we will just fall into the wax.

POLLY: Not necessarily. (Guido looked up)

GUIDO: Oh. I know what your thinking.

SPEEDY: I don't. Fill me in please.

POLLY: When I cut the ropes, grab the top rope. Then we can swing and land on the floor.

NARRATOR: Shadow was watching the crows fight Lucille and Fran who were doing a real good job. (Fran got kicked in the face) Somewhat of a good job anyway.

GUIDO: OK. Cut it now Pol! (she cut the ropes and carried out their plan) Now we swing right?

POLLY: Yup! (Polly landed on the floor first, followed by Guido and then Speedy) There. Easy huh?

SPEEDY: Whatever you say hon. (Polly jumped into the fight and spin kicked a couple of crows)

GUIDO: She doesn't waste any time does she?

SPEEDY: Nope. It'll be a shame when she can't help us fight in a couple of months. (they were watching the 3 girls kick the crows butts)

GUIDO: Yea. Couldn't you guys have waited till we were done fighting? (five crows fell into the wax behind Speedy and Guido which Francine had kicked)

SPEEDY: When we took our honeymoon it was over, remember? It just so happens that now we have new evil here. Lucille and Fran are really good too.

GUIDO: Oh yea. Can't wait till Fran finishes up her training.

SHADOW: Ack! You 3 girls are getting on my nerves! Especially you, Polly!

POLLY: Get used to it girlfriend 'cause it isn't over yet!

SHADOW: We will just see about that you little..... (Lucille and Fran joined Speedy and Guido)

LUCILLE: Oh boy. A fight! This will be cool to watch!

GUIDO: You bet.

POLLY: You little what? Come on say it! I dare you!

SHADOW: All right. You want a fight? Let's get it going right now!

POLLY: Be prepared to be defeated!

SPEEDY: How is she going to fight though? She doesn't have any weapons?

GUIDO: Actually she does.

ALL 3: Huh?

GUIDO: Just watch.

SHADOW: Taste this! (her hands turned into moving knife blades)

POLLY: Oh wow! What are you going to do? Scratch me?

SHADOW: No.... (they extended out towards Polly, but Polly disappeared) Huh? Where did she....oomph! (she got knocked to the ground)

GUIDO: All right Polly! (she reappeared and had Shadow’s sword)

POLLY: Look at what I got!

SHADOW: I'm not finished yet! (she started spinning around real fast and darts came out and pinned the Polly's hand that was holding the sword to the wall) We will finish this later sister! (she grabbed her sword, bowed then disappeared)

SPEEDY: Where did you learn to do that? (Polly detached her hand from the wall and walked over to them)

POLLY: Guido and I have been working with our special trainer. Pretty soon, I can do more then just disappear and become invisible. (she high-fived Guido)

LUCILLE: Special trainer? How long have you guys been going to this guy?

GUIDO: 1 year.

SPEEDY: How come you guys didn't ask me too?

POLLY: Guido's brother, the trainer, can only teach two people at the same time so Guido decided to pick me since I am the best fighter.

SPEEDY: Oh. You mean you guys have been spending time together, alone?

GUIDO: No...well just the walk to and from my brother's place but that's it.

POLLY: Don't worry. If I was going to cheat on you, I would do it with someone 100 times better than Guido.

SPEEDY: I feel better now. I think....

GUIDO: Hey! You better watch who you insult! (She faced him)

POLLY: Why is that?

GUIDO: 'Cause I can knock you out faster then you can say the alphabet.

POLLY: Oh really? I bet you don't even know the alphabet!

GUIDO: Actually honey, I do. Listen. A B C D E..F..L.Q R J Z..(they all laughed)

POLLY: Uh huh. Just what I thought.

FRANCINE: Hey! It's C. B.! (C. B. walked in)

C. B.: Thanks for telling me what was up you all. You guys still want to do that band thing? You are the hottest band out there you know.

ALL 5: Sure!

NARRATOR: The decided to make one more hit selling C. D. and one more concert. Then they decided to quit especially since Shadow is around now. Anyway, here we go to Shadow's hideout.

SHADOW: I have failed you Milord. I'm truly sorry. (she knelt and bowed her head before a statue of a great bird that was made out of gold) Please, help me so I can destroy those stupid Pizza Cats. (a spirit appeared from the statue)

STATUE: Of course I will. After my son disappointed me, I need someone else to replace him. Being my daughter, I will help you till you die.

SHADOW: Thanks, daddy. I especially want Polly out of the way. She is the worst out of all them. By the way, why do you want you kids to seek revenge on them? (he laughed)

STATUE: That is another story my dear. Too help you, I have found you an assistant. His name is Shade. (a black cat in a red armor suit and a black cape walked over to her)

SHADOW: A cat?!

SHADE: Yes. A cat. You see, I am Guido’s brother. I am after him and seeking revenge on him for what he did to me.

SHADOW: What was that? (she put her hair up in a pony tail)

SHADE: I'll tell you when the time comes. That is another story.

SHADOW: What's up with this? How many different stories are going to be in the new season of SPC fanfic?

STATUE: Till they reach 200 fanfics. They have 69 more to go.

SHADOW: Oh god. I hope the pay is good.

SHADE: It isn't. You didn't read the fine print did you?

SHADOW: What fine print? (the spirit went back into the statue)

SHADE: Here. (he pulled out the contract and a magnifying glass) Read the bottom line.

SHADOW: "Now that you have been stupid enough to sign this contract, you can now know that you will be getting paid in very small amounts." (she read it a loud)


SHADOW: That's easy. I'll just go to the writers.

SHADE: You can't do that? If you ask them for a raise, they beat you up. Just look at the Rude Noise?

SHADOW: I need a new job.

SHADE: I heard Roseanne needs an assistant on her new season of her show?

SHADOW: Never mind. This will do.

NARRATOR: The 5 friends were standing on the bridge watching the sunset.

A Shadow Pair

NARRATOR: It's been two weeks since our heroes had their taste at stardom, and to be honest I don't think any of them miss it to much.

(Guido was sitting at a table, sighing)

GUIDO: I sure do.. it's a shame Felina turned out to be the new villain... I'm so lonely...

NARRATOR: Well don't look at me, I'm married. Anyway... at the secret hideout...

SHADOW: So let me get this straight Shade. You are giving your brother and Polly lessons in Martial Arts, yet you are teaming up with me to seek revenge... that seems sort of strange... don't you think? (Shade shrugged his shoulders)

SHADE: You see though, only good can come out of this for us. How you wonder? Well what Guido and Polly don't know is that these new little "tricks" I'm teaching them, use up so much energy that they can only perform them once, thus leaving them completely open to attacks. Reason why I can get away with using this tricks and keep my energy at the same time is due to this nifty new armor I got on sale at Bloomingdale's. (Poses as his red armor shines and teeth sparkle)

SHADOW: I didn't think Bloomingdale's made armor...

SHADE: They do now. Now, onto our master plan!

NARRATOR: Back at the Pizza Cat Resturaunt...

FRANCINE: Has anyone seen Guido? I have a delivery for him!

(Polly runs up to the counter)

POLLY: He left after the narrator made a comment in regards to his loneliness. Since the store is slow, I'll take the delivery!

FRANCINE: Sure! Why not?

(Polly grabs the pizza and rushes out the door with the address)

FRANCINE: Now I'm all alone as well...

(Guido walks in, head hanging, obviously depressed)

FRANCINE: Nevermind! Hey Guido!

GUIDO: Hey Fran... where is everyone?

FRANCINE: Doing deliveries since a certain feline thought he could take a day off from work without checking with me first.

GUIDO: Sorry... I just don't feel like working today

(Francine smiled)

FRANCINE: Doesn't bother me any. Less money I'd have to spend paying you!

GUIDO: You haven't paid us in over a year.

FRANCINE: True... so what's has you looking blue?

NARRATOR: No pun intended I'm sure...

(Francine giggled)

FRANCINE: Of course not. Never on this show. (she grins then looks to Guido) Seriously though... what's wrong?

(Guido sat down on a stool in front of the counter)

GUIDO: You promise to keep what I am about to tell you under lock and key?

FRANCINE: You mean keep a secret? Of course I can.

NARRATOR: If Guido believes you, he must be an idiot for everyone knows how you and Lucille enjoy gossiping.

FRANCINE: Quiet! He don't know that!

(Guido shook his head)

GUIDO: Did you say something?

FANCINE: Just gave you my word on keeping your secret. So tell me, what's bugging you?

NARRATOR: Meanwhile at the Palace...

PRINCESS VIOLET: It's about time I received lines in this show! I can't believe they always forget about the cutest character! Send the writers to Extras Island!

Al DANTE: I am sorry Princess but that can not be done, for you see they are paying me ten times the amount you do, so therefore my loyalty goes to the writers, no matter how wrong they may be.

PRINCESS VIOLET: In case, I send you to Extra's Island!

(she kicks him through the roof and he flies off into the distance just as she heard a knock on the palace door)

PRINCESS VIOLET: Al! Open that door right now!

NARRATOR: You kicked him out of the palace your majesty, and since no one else is around it looks like you have to open it.

(Before she could respond, the door was kicked open and in walked Shade)

PRINCESS VIOLET: Oh my! Another Samurai Pizza Cat! He's even more cute then Speedy!

(she runs to Shade and puts chains around his wrists and ankles)

PRINCESS VIOLET: You are now my future husband, therefore you will have to do everything I say!

(Shade grimaces and starts trying to break free but his effort proved worthless when Princess Violet pulled him by the chain that was attached to both the wrist and ankle chains)

SHADE: Who said being a villain would be easy? Shadow! Help!

(Princess Violet tosses him in her room just as Al Dante falls back through the hole in the roof and lands in front of Princess Violet)

PRINCESS VIOLET: It's about time Al! Now, go bring me some carrot juice and a glass of milk for my fiancee!

(Al had landed on his head with his leg twitching)

AL DANTE: Right away your majesty.

(Meanhwhile, Shadow was watching over Shade from the rafters.)

SHADOW: Never send in a cat to do a crows work. Now I have to save his ass before I can continue my evil plan!


Love Me Tenderly

NARRATOR: Later that night, Shadow was on top of the palace, trying to rescue her stupid partner. I guess it's obvious that Shade and Guido are brother isn't it?

SHADOW: An't just whisteling dixie. Now.. on with my plan! (looks in through the window, spots Shade trying to bite his way out of the chains. Rolling her eyes she managed to crack the window and whisper)

SHADOW: Just transport yourself you dimwit!

(shade blushed and transported himself to the roof)

SHADE: I forgot I could do that.. anyway let's get out of here for now. I don't want to be around when the Princess notices that I'm gone.

(the two partners vanish)

NARRATOR: Back at the shop...

(Guido is seen looking up at the stars as Polly climbs up and joins him on the roof.)

POLLY: Come on Guido, we're playing strip poker again! It's just not the same without you bad luck. (she giggled and he grinned)

GUIDO: You just want to see me in the buff..admit it. (She blushes and gets ready to slap him when she stops just a few minutes from his face)

POLLY: Only in your dreams Guido, now you coming down or what?

(Guido stared at Polly in disbelief wondering why she didnn't slap him. Shaking his head, he laid back down on the roof.)

GUIDO: Actually.. I'd much rather be up here... I have some stuff on my mind that I need to clear...

POLLY: Ok... well I guess I'll have to drag Speedy into the game then.. even though it's no fun with him since I've...well you know what I mean.. I won't go there... (Guido started laughing) but if ya change your mind.. we'll be waiting..

(Polly turned to head back just as Guido stood up and grabbed her arm)

GUIDO: Before you go... I know this isn't right but... (he pulled her into his arms and kissed her just as Speedy came up to check on them... seeing the two of them in that embrace got him angry as he ran back down into the shop and out the door.. just as Polly finally managed to break away. She slapped Guido across the face and noticed Speedy running down to the park.)

POLLY: You jerk I can't believe you Guido! Now I have to tell Speedy how I was innocent and hope to god he still trusts me.

(As she jumped down from the roof, Guido yelled after her)

GUIDO: Well it wasn't as if you protested, in fact you were really getting into it until Speedy appeared! (Sighing, he lays back down on the roof) Well she is right though... either way it is my fault.. now I have to figure out how to make things straight between us three...

NARRATOR: While an episode out of one of those corny day time soap operas was occuring, Shadow and Shade were putting the finishing touches on their plan.

SHADOW: Ok... from what I heard from the gossip chain about two minutes ago was that Speedy caught Guido andPolly kissing on the roof... therefore there is a lot of tension between the three heroes... meaning that this will be the best time for you to strike! Now as soon as you enter the Little Tokyo Vault, Al Dante will notify Francine that he is in need of the SPC's help. When the three hereos show up to save the day... they will be so pissed off at each other that they will totally looe focous... making it very easy for even as someone as dim as you to take them out once and for all with this... (Shadow held up a Plasma Cannon).. and I want you to take great care of it... I stole it from the military last night and I want to return it in good condition. Any questions?

(Shade grinned as he stared at her in shock)

SHADE: Impressive... you've memorized that much in such a short amount of time... how did you do that?

(Shadow shoved him out the door)

SHADOW: Who cares? Just get this over with you dumbass so we can take over Tokyo!

(Shade saluted and ran off as Shadow shuddered)

SHADOW: Felines... I hate working with them...