Big Cheese’s Loyal Servant

-= =- is when they are speaking their thoughts
:: :: when they perform an action
** when they are expressing emotion

NARRATOR: Looks like you viewers came in late today, for our heroes just got done fighting BadBird and his Robots and the SPC won as usual.

SPEEDY: That’s because we're the stars of the show! ::they do their pose::

ALL: Ta-da! ::BadBird laughed evilly::

BADBIRD: That’s what you cats think! I would like for you to meet a new member on our team! On behalf of Tokyo and the 5 or so crows that you guys didn't destroy, please give a warm welcome to the new villain (who is very cute if I may add) who will be working at my side.. Lilly Lockheart! ::the crows applauded and a she cat jumped down from the roof in front of the SPC::

LILLY: ::she bowed:: The name is Lilly Lockheart, Big Cheese’s faithful and loyal servant here to help Bad Bird at your destruction. ::she glared to them and they all gasped::

GUIDO: Wow! What a babe!

SPEEDY: If only she wasn't so evil..

POLLY: She looks just like me! ::Speedy and Guido fell over::

BADBIRD: Come on Lilly, we must get ready for another battle! ::she and BadBird headed back to HQ along with the crows that were left::

SPEEDY: She doesn't look exactly like you Polly, one she has purple armor and two..

GUIDO: She’s actually cute! ::Polly extended her claws::

POLLY: Your going to get hurt from that comment buck-o!

NARRATOR: After Polly got done totally mutilating Guido, they went back to the shop to tell Francine and Al about the new villain.

AL: Ahh.. yes. She appears to be very dangerous. I have her profile I can lay out for you. Let me hook it up to the TV computer thingy ma bob that we’re using to talk with. ::The TV got fuzzy for a bit but they could still hear Al::

FRANCINE: Geez Al, I had no idea you were a electronic geek!

AL: Actually Francine, Guru Lou showed me what to do. ::the cats groaned::

GUIDO: This can’t be good. ::Polly nodded in agreement::

AL: *screams* Dang this stupid machine! ::The TV became clear and Al was burnt::

SPEEDY: What happened Al?

AL: This stupid machine blew up in my face. Oh well, thats the last time I let Guru Lou in here. Neways, ::he flips some papers:: she has some weapons which appear to be more powerful than yours for they come from the holy samurai warriors of some time long ago. You see, there were these magical warriors that put their magic in their weapons so they'd be..

POLLY: *interrupting* O-kay Al, get on with it please we don't need a history listen right now. ::she said and crossed her arms::

AL: Fine, she has a medium sized Samurai sword also two small samurai daggers. The daggers and sword can not be broken and they possess a power unlike any other. Her sword has the power of invincibility and her daggers are laced with a heavy Poison. ::they all gasped::

SPEEDY: What are the writers trying to do? Kill us?!

GUIDO: Told you we needed new writers.

POLLY: Don’t worry Al, we can handle her!

SPEEDY: *cowering* We will..? Well lets at least wait till she attacks again.

GUIDO: Yea! We’ll make her wish she was never born!

AL: Good, now I’m outta her. Her majesty Princess Violet is nagging at me to buy her another pony. Over and out. ::the screen went blank and a customer walked into the shop::

FRANCINE: Hello and welcome to the Pizza Cat Restaurant I say! How may we help you spend your money today?

LISA: Actually.. I’m new here and just wanted to meet some of the people in Tokyo. My name is Lisa Lockheart. ::the SPC gasped::

SPEEDY: -= How many times have we done that today.. at least a thousand =-

POLLY: Did you say your last name was Lockheart? ::they had all crowded around her::

LISA: Yes.. have you heard of me? ::Guido just stared at the feline who was wearing black shorts, had a semi-tight purple shirt with white fur and blue eyes::

GUIDO: -= Man is she beautiful. Even more so than Lucille.=-

POLLY: You wouldn't happen to be Lilly Lockheart would you?

LISA: *confused* Who? I’m the only Lockheart I know of.. if that is my real name. ::Fran and Polly looked to each other:: Well.. it was nice meeting you all, even though I didn't catch your names.

GUIDO: The name is Guido Anchovi good looking. ::Polly covered his mouth::

POLLY: *whispering* Don’t give her our real names, this could be a trick. ::she cleared her throat:: He meant to say his name was.. Muffins. ::Speedy and Guido moaned::

BOTH: -= not these names again.. =-

POLLY: The short guy over there is Flopsy and I’m.. Melissa. ::Speedy and Guido glared to her::

BOTH SPEEDY AND GUIDO: Oya kami! ::Lisa smiled::

LISA: Nice to meet you three, and let me guess.. ::she looked to Fran:: Your name is Francine right? ::Fran nodded::

FRAN: How did you know?!

LISA: I read your name tag.

FRAN: Oh.. ::Polly, Guido, and Speedy hid there name tags::

LISA: Well.. I must get going, I need to stop off at Little Tokyo Stables so I can see to my horse. ::she bowed:: Hope to talk to you all again. ::she left::

GUIDO: How come we get these corny names and you get a normal name?!

FRANCINE: That’s easy. She isn’t lazy like you two silly. ::Polly and Fran giggled::

BOTH: Whatever..

NARRATOR: That following afternoon, after they figured that Lisa was probably telling the truth, with a bunch of arguing on the side, Al called back up on the phone.

FRANCINE: *Extremely happy* Hello and thank you for calling may we take your order so our cats can get hauling?

AL: It’s me Fran, there is something I think you should see on the TV. And BTW.. ::she cut him off::

FRAN: Ok! ::she hung up::

AL: *annoyed* ::he is sitting at the palace:: I wanted to order a pizza to. Blondes! Be better off without them.

NARRATOR: While Al continued to discriminate blondes at the palace, our heroes were watching the TV as Al told them to do. ::sighs:: This story bites, I hope it ends soon.

POLLY: Why would Al want us to watch the daily news? I mean you can never understand a word they say. It’s all Japanese to me.

GUIDO: Hey, look who it is on the tube! ::he pointed to Lilly’s face as she interrupted the TV feed::

LILLY: Hello there my fellow enemies. ::she had an evil expression on her face:: I, Lilly Lockheart challenge the Samurai Pizza Cat, Polly Ester to a one on one battle this evening. Everyone in town is welcome to come and witness this event. However, if Polly’s friends show up, you know, the rest of the SPC, the whole town will be destroyed. So Polly Ester, I will see you tonight in the park at 8. ::she glared and the TV turned back on to the news::

SPEEDY: Wow. She’s serious.

POLLY: So she wants a fight does she, she'll get her fight. ::They looked to her::

GUIDO: Are you crazy?! You heard what Al said about her!

POLLY: ::she looked to Guido:: Since when did you become concerned about me? ::Guido shrugged::

FRANCINE: You go show her whose boss Polly and hopefully it won’t end in a folly! ::Polly nodded::

SPEEDY: It’s about 8 now. You sure you gonna go through with it? Let me go instead. I’m the leader here. ::he thought about what Al said:: On second thought, be my guest. Hehe..

POLLY: Right, Fran.. get the cannon ready.

FRAN: Right! ::she went to the cannon::

POLLY: I have a battle to win. ::Guido stopped her::

GUIDO: We’re coming with you. Just in case something goes wrong. However, we’ll be in disguise in the crowd if you need us.

POLLY: Thanks.. ::she hopped into the oven and in a few seconds Fran had the gun ready::

FRAN: Attention Tokyo! Polly Ester is on her way to fight a battle! So stay behind the yellow line and keep a hold of your cattle! *Boom!*

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Lilly was waiting in the park for Polly and a huge crowd had gathered to watch the fight. In the stands were Bad Bird, Jerry, and the Big Cheese. Vi, Freeda, and Fred were watching it from Freeda’s Balcony that looked over the park.

FREEDA: Isn’t that the cute guy you like sweetie? ::she pointed to BadBird through her binoculars::

VIOLET: *excited* That’s him mom! I’m going to marry him!

FREEDA: Great dear! We’ll start planning the wedding in a few days!

FRED: Fowap!

NARRATOR: Back on the soon to be battle field, Lilly still hadn't seen Polly.

LILLY: *sneering* She better show up if she knows what's good for her.

BIG CHEESE: *very excited and amused* Oh I just love these type of fights! They’re always so exciting!

BADBIRD: Lilly should have no problem beating Polly. After all, she is almost invincible!

JERRY: But what if Polly finds out her weeakness? She is a pretty smart feelinee you know.

BIG CHEESE: No way Jerry! Polly doesn't stand a chance! And with the SPC’s best fighter out of the way, we will soon rule! ::he laughed excitedly:: Oh Jerry, this is just so great!

JERRY: If you say so master.

NARRATOR: Just then, Polly jumped down from a tree and landed in front of Lilly. The crowd fell silent as they waited for it to begin.

LILLY: Well, you showed up. ::she glared to Polly:: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you die a slow and painful death.

POLLY: Don’t be so sure of yourself. Love will conquer evil any day. ::Lilly pulled out her Samurai sword::

LILLY: You make me sick. ::Polly pulled out her medium sized dagger:: ::Big Cheese stood up::

BIG CHEESE: Let the death match begin! ::Polly got caught of guard hearing it was a death match and Lilly scrapped her sword across Polly’s chest::

LILLY: Come on, fight back.

POLLY: Prepare to face the wrath of a she kat! ::Polly aimed her dagger for Lilly’s shoulder but Lilly blocked it with her sword and flung Polly to the ground hard::

LILLY: Is that the best you can do?! ::Polly extended her claws, ignoring the server pain in her chest, and clawed across Lilly’s face. *screaming* You little.. how dare you do that! ::Polly got up and spin kicked her to the ground::

POLLY: I can do whatever I please. ::The crowd was cheering Polly on::

NARRATOR: While the two she kats were fighting, Guido and Speedy were in the armor but were wearing black robes so they wouldn't be noticed. They were up front watching with concern.

GUIDO: Aww.. man. This can’t be good, Polly is actually bleeding.

SPEEDY: I thought the armor was supposed to protect us from that?

GUIDO: It must be Lilly’s sword.

SPEEDY: Well Lilly doesn't seem to be fit either. Polly still has a chance. ::Guido nodded and they continued to watch the intense fight::

LILLY: Getting tired are we? I think it's time we found out who you really are! ::Polly slowly got back up off the ground when one of Lilly’s daggers hit her in a spot in her arm that wasn't protected by armor.::

GUIDO: Polly! ::The poison soon took effect and Polly became less aware. Lilly spin kicked Polly and made her fall to the ground hard. Her helmet rolled off showing who she really was::

NARRATOR: Wow, talk about intense. Is this getting good or what?! ::everyone gasped and became silent. Polly got up weakly not knowing that her helmet has been knocked off::

POLLY: I’m not giving up just yet! I will defeat you! ::she grabbed Lilly’s arm but Lilly knocked her down by banging her sword into Polly’s neck and she became unconscious::

GUIDO: That’s it! Lilly is going down! ::He started to take off but Speedy stopped him::

SPEEDY: As much as I hate to say this, we can’t go in to help her. Then all of Tokyo will be destroyed. Don’t worry I’m sure she’ll be fine.

GUIDO: But now they know who we are! ::Speedy sighed::

SPEEDY: Stinks, doesn't it? ::The bad guys were cheering excitedly and carried Lilly off::

BIG CHEESE: *excited* Yippee! We now know who the SPC are and Polly is finished! Let’s go celebrate! ::the towns people slowly walked away in shock::

GUIDO: Come on, let's help Polly. ::But Speedy had already went to her side::

SPEEDY: Polly? You o-kay? ::he gently shook Polly and she woke up::

POLLY: I’m fine.. never felt better. ::she covered her wound in her chest with her hand::

GUIDO: Come on, let’s get her to the hospital. Who knows what that poison will do. ::Speedy nodded and they helped her up::

POLLY: I’ll be fine. It’s just a scratch. ::She saw her helmet, slowly walked to it and picked it up ignoring her pain::

SPEEDY: We are going to get you checked out one way or another. ::Polly ignored him and slowly headed back to the shop::

GUIDO: She really needs to see a doctor.. ::Speedy nodded::

SPEEDY: Yea.. let’s go.

NARRATOR: They got back to the shop and Francine had bandaged up Polly’s wound and was sound asleep on the couch.

FRANCINE: You guys need to get her to a doctor! Her temperature is decreasing as we speak.

GUIDO: Come on. We’re taking her to get checked out. ::Guido gently picked her up in his arms::

SPEEDY: Here, I’ll drive. ::Speedy got into the drivers side of his car while Francine got in on the passenger side. Guido sat in the back with Polly’s head resting on his lap:: Ready back there Guido?

GUIDO: Sure am. ::They drove off, speeding to the hospital::

NARRATOR: When they had arrived, the doctor took her in right away and after an hour came out and over to our stars.

DOCTOR: *With a Russian accent* Well, I am sorry to inform you but it looks like Polly may not be able to make it through the night.

SPEEDY: You mean that she will..? ::the doctor nodded::

DOCTOR: Yes, the wound was doing fine but the poison had already affected her whole body. Maybe if she had been in sooner we could have saved her. Even if she did survive, she would be permanently paralyzed all through her body. I am sorry to inform you about this. ::Lucille had shown up as well and she and Fran cried, holding each other::

GUIDO: I knew we should have taken to a doctor right away! Damn it Polly if only you weren't so stubborn! ::Speedy rested a hand on his shoulder::

SPEEDY: *sad and upset* Let’s go at least stay with her.. I’m sure she’ll appreciate that.

GUIDO: You three go ahead, I’ll be taking a long walk. Besides, Polly deserves to die for being so darn stubborn! ::he punched his fist into a wall, and left::

LUCILLE: He’s never acted like this before! Maybe I better check on him!

SPEEDY: I think he needs to be alone. ::they went to Polly’s room::

The next mourning..

SPEEDY: Fran, Lucille, wake up. ::he said and gently shook them awake for they had fallen asleep in the chairs in Polly’s room::

FRANCINE: Huh..? ::she looked to Polly and walked over with Speedy and Lucille::

LUCILLE: How is she Speedy?

SPEEDY: I really can’t read IV’s that well.. but it appears.. *happy* she is still alive!

FRANCINE: That’s great!

LUCILLE: Thank god. I couldn't live without my friend Polly. ::Speedy looked to her::

SPEEDY: But you got me..

LUCILLE: A girl doesn't need a guy as much as she needs a girlfriend silly. ::the doctor walked in::

DOCTOR: Well, good morning. ::he looked at the IV:: Wha..? She’s still alive? ::they nodded:: Well then, we’ll continue to help her out but as I said before, even if she survives she will be severally paralyzed. ::he looked to them:: Why don’t you all go home or if you want, one of you can stay here.

FRANCINE: We really should head back to the shop Speedy.. I’m sure there our a lot of people trying to get in who are needy.

SPEEDY: Ahh.. ok.. we’ll go back. *reluctantly*

LUCILLE: I’ll stay here with Polly and notify you if anything changes. ::Speedy look down at Polly::

SPEEDY: Take care kid. ::he then left with Francine::

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, at Big Cheese’s HQ..

LILLY: So, now that Polly is out of the way for good, what do we do next?

BADBIRD: I say we do something mean.. like stalk them. Then when they least expect. Boom! The shop goes up in smoke and no more Pizza Cats.

BIG CHEESE: *happy* HA HA! I love it! Oh this is just to good! What dress should I wear for the occasion you fellows? ::they all fell over but Lilly::

LILLY: I think you should wear the red one. You look good in red.

BIG CHEESE: Thank you sweetie! I’ll wear just that! ::BadBird whispered to Lilly::

BADBIRD: Suck up. ::Lilly stuck her tongue out at him::

LILLY: Screw up! ::BadBird fell over again and she giggled, Jerry shook his head::

JERRY: *mumbling* Youth.. so young yet so strange.

BADBIRD: NEways, I will go and stalk the remaining Pizza Cats to find out all the low down dirty scheming stuff I can. Then we can bring our plan into full throttle! ::Lilly glared to him::

LILLY: Let me stalk them! They aren't as familiar with me as they are you!

BADBIRD: But I’ve been in the shop before! I know that shop like the back of my hand!

LILLY: I’m the new villain here, so I should go! ::Jerry and Seymore pulled out the script::

BIG CHEESE: Well what do ya know. Lilly is the one who goes and stalks on the cats. ::BadBird’s eyes bugged out::

BADBIRD: WHAT?! ::he turned to Lilly:: I really hate you, you you.. suck up! ::Lilly giggled::

LILLY: The feeling is mutual. ::she got down on one knee in front of the Big Cheese:: Consider part one completed my master.

BIG CHEESE: *Full of pride* Ha hah! She is just so loyal! Where did you ever go wrong Bad bird?! Why can’t you ever be like her! ::Lilly grinned to herself::

BAD BIRD: I don’t have to take this abuse anymore. I’m leaving! ::Jerry stopped him::

JERRY: Wee need you to build a Robot that will send the Pizza Shop into destruction.

BAD BIRD: Well.. since you put it that way. ::He looked over at Lilly:: I’d much rather be doing this anyway you annoying immature feline! ::Lilly jumped onto the windowsill::

LILLY: I’ll deal with you later you overgrown ugly feather duster! ::she waved:: Ta ta Master. ::she gave a quick bow:: I won't disappoint you. ::the she vanished into thin air::

BADBIRD: Boy she really ticks me off! Even more than the SPC! ::he went into his shop and shut the door::

BIG CHEESE: Ahh.. young love. Don’t you just love it Jerry?

JERRY: I would call it hate with a vengeance mixed in with jealousy more than love your greatness.

BIG CHEESE: Oh what do you know you big old lug! You aren't a physic!

JERRY: No I’m not and neither are you. ::mumbling:: Darn writers mess everything up.

BIG CHEESE: So what else is new?

NARRATOR: Well, it just goes to show you, bad guys have fights just as much as the good guys not to mention they pick on these sappy writers too. NEways, Guido ended up walking into the deep woods of Tokyo.

GUIDO: Man.. this place gives me the creeps. ::he heard some rustling in the bushes:: Who’s there? ::two daggers flew towards him, pinning him to the tree by his uniform::

LILLY: So.. we meet again Guido.. except this time, you weren't ready. ::Lilly appeared:: I was surprised that you weren't sitting by your friend's side grieving.

GUIDO: What are you trying to say?

LILLY: That your little girlfriend died last night and all because you weren't there.

GUIDO: Dang it women I’m not her boyfriend and she couldn't have died. This is a cartoon. Now let me go!

LILLY: I will under one condition, join me Guido, then all 5 of us can rule Tokyo. ::Guido pulled himself free the daggers and Lilly grabbed them from him::

GUIDO: I won’t give in that easily, despite how beautiful you are because you are lying about Polly. ::Lilly shrugged::

LILLY: Believe what you want but how do you know I’m lying if you aren't they with your friends?

GUIDO: This is making no sense at all. I thought you were evil, but your.. ::Lilly shrugged::

LILLY: Listen for I’ll say this only once. BadBird is creating a robot as we speak that will go to the pizza shop and destroy it with both Fran and Speedy inside. You must go there and warn your friends of the danger.

GUIDO: Hey! This is some trick isn’t it?!

LILLY: That’s what you say it is. ::she grinned evilly and disappeared::

NARRATOR: Well.. seeing as to how Lilly is the villain, of course it was a trap and if Guido was bright enough, he could very well see that..

LILLY: Shut up you jerk!

NARRATOR: Sorry, so Guido headed to the shop but first he decided to stop off at the hospital. When he arrived.. he noticed a small book in the lobby. He picked it up and started looking through it.

GUIDO: Good thing I studied Chinese in high school.

NARRATOR: Uh.. that’s Japanese.

GUIDO: Both look the same to me. NEways, ::he glazed over the pages:: Hey! The doctor has been holding out on us! There is a cure for the poison on Mt. Ching in China! I must tell the others about this. ::he took the book and ran back to the shop, only to find it in flames::

NARRATOR: Well.. looks like Big Cheese’s plan had worked once again. BADBIRD: Ha ha! My robot did such a good job! Way better job than you did Lilly!

LILLY: I’m the one who gathered them together you know! ::Guido was watching from the bushes::

GUIDO: They are in for it now. Especially since I’m in my armor already. ::he first ran to the side of the shop and went inside::

NARRATOR: Talk about stupid! Going into a burning building. That’s just plain crazy!

GUIDO: Fran! Speedy! Ya here! ::he looked around while avoiding the flames::

LILLY: Hmm.. I’m in the mood for s’mores. ::she got out some chocolate, gram crackers, and marshmallows::

BADBIRD: You make me sick! How can you eat those things?! ::she put her marshmallow over the flame::

LILLY: Like this. ::she put the three together and took a bite::

BADBIRD: Nasty! Give me bird seed any day!

GUIDO: Hold it right there you guys! ::they both looked around::

BOTH: Who said that?

GUIDO: *appearing* I’m not one to hurt women, especially beautiful ones, but what you did to my friends was un-called for! I’m a Guido Anchovi master of the Sunspot Umbrella!

BADBIRD: What?! ::he turned to Lilly:: I thought you said you gathered everyone up!

LILLY: So I let one go, what harm can he do to us?! ::Guido pulled out his umbrella and zapped them with its powerful beam::

GUIDO: Now if you don’t mind, why don’t you both go take a walk off Mt. Kuchi. ::he jumped down off the roof just as Fran and Speedy walked up::

SPEEDY: Woah! What happened?! ::They saw BadBird and Lilly run away::

GUIDO: You guys are alive!

FRANCINE: Of course we are!

GUIDO: I was afraid they had killed you in the fire! ::he gave them a huge hug:: I love you guys! ::Speedy and Fran started gagging::

SPEEDY: Yea.. that’s great.. now please put me down. :;he let them go and Speedy started taking huge breathes::

FRANCINE: Have you seen Polly yet?

GUIDO: *smiling* No.. but I have some great news! At the hospital I found this book! The doctor was holding out on us you all! All we need to do is go to Mt. Ching in china and get a plant called Green Ivory! As long was we get it back in two days, Polly will be back to normal!

SPEEDY: And that’s a good thing? ::Francine and Guido smacked Speedy::

GUIDO: So, who wants to go to China?

NARRATOR: Apparently they all had forgotten about the burning shop that had became a huge pile of ashes. NEways, in less than a hour, all three of them were on a plane to China. After 2 hours they arrived at an airport and drove a rental car to Mt. Ching.

GUIDO: *panicked* Speedy! How could you suggest we let Fran drive?! She’s horrible! ::Fran was speeding down the road.. knocking signs and stuff over left to right::

SPEEDY: I had no idea she was this bad! ::he was clinging onto the back seat for dear life while Guido was cowering in the front seat::

FRANCINE: Speed happy Fran is on the road! I just hope I don’t hit a toad!

GUIDO: *whimpering* When will this madness end? ::Fran slammed on her breaks at the base of the mountain::

FRANCINE: There.. that wasn't so bad now was it? ::she giggled and stuck her tongue out::

SPEEDY and GUIDO: *crying* If yea say so

NARRATOR: Well, after Speedy and Guido came out of shock, the three of them hiked up to the very top of the mountain.

GUIDO: There it is! ::he pointed to a small green plant with red flowers::

SPEEDY: I realized something, is Polly really worth all this trouble? ::Guido and Fran pushed him off the mountain::

FRANCINE: *giggling* That should teach him. ::Guido grabbed the plant and headed down to the rental car where Speedy was waiting for them::

GUIDO: Well.. I see your looking well after falling from 10 ft. ::Speedy put his hand behind his head::

SPEEDY: Hehe.. I have my guardians.

NARRATOR: Well a day later they were back in Tokyo and speeding to the hospital, unaware of all the chaos that was going on while they were gone. They raced into Polly’s room after they managed to convince Goru Lou to mix it for them.

SPEEDY: I hope we aren't to late. ::the three of them looked down at Polly::

LUCILLE: I’m glad you guys are back! I have horrible news! ::they saw the concern on her face and frowned::

GUIDO: Ahh man. We are to late. You don’t mean she.. ::Lucille shook her head::

LUCILLE: No silly! Polly is just fine! The horrible news is that the Big Cheese has taken over Tokyo! He bunny-napped Vi, and out the Queen and Emperor in a jail cell! What’s worse is that he's making everyone go to discos and dress in polka clothes!

SPEEDY: That dude is toast!

GUIDO: First off, we must give this medicine to Polly. ::he opened her mouth and poured in the mixture:: There..

FRANCINE: How long does it take to work?

GUIDO: Two hours, while she's recovering.. we’ll defeat the Big Cheese once and for all!

SPEEDY: But won’t we need all three of us to defeat him? I’m sure he has plenty of bodyguards and robots. Not to mention I’m sure we’ll have to fight Lilly and BadBird.

GUIDO: Your right.. we can over offer Big Cheese a tournament. Starting with bodyguards, followed by Robots, then BadBird and Lilly and Cheesy boy himself.

SPEEDY: That way it will give us enough time to make sure Polly is fit to help us! ::Guido nodded::

LUCILLE: Wow, you guys sound almost smart.

FRANCINE: That’s because they read the script this time. ::she and Lucille giggled:: ::Speedy and Guido ignore them::

GUIDO: Wow.. the final battle.

SPEEDY: Ya.. now we can put an end to this writers fanfiction.

FRANCINE: Hey look! Polly is coming to already! ::Polly opened her eyes and looked::

ALL 4: Polly!!!

POLLY: I thought I said I didn't want to be put in a hospital! See..? I’m just fine! There was no need for this!

SPEEDY: *mumbling* This is the thanks we get for traveling all the way to China to cure you?!

POLLY: ::she sat up and grinned:: Kidding guys, thanks for everything. ::Guido hugged her:: Gah! Get off me or you'll be hit with my frying pan! ::they all laughed::

SPEEDY: It’s good to have the old Polly back.

NARRATOR: After Polly left the hospital, they headed straight for the Palace.. only to find it changed dramatically.

SPEEDY: It’s like something out of a horror movie!

GUIDO: Yea! A frightening one!

POLLY: Not to mention that he painted the whole thing pink! ::they looked to each other:: It’s time to kick some butt!


NARRATOR: They went up to the door.

POLLY: Hmm.. seeing as to how the Big Cheese acts, I’m sure he has the front door completely guarded not to mention locked.

GUIDO: So we must find another way in. ::Polly shrugged and opened up the doors finding nothing::

SPEEDY: Well.. its time to begin the tournament. ::they walked in and was greeted by Big Cheese who was wearing something real pretty from Bloomingdale’s and Jerry Attric::

BIG CHEESE: I knew you'd show up! But you won’t be able to stop me this time! ::laughing crazily:: Ha ha ha! Just go to the door on the right and you’ll begin the tournament. ::they disappeared::

POLLY: The hard part will be getting through the tournament.. the Big Cheese should be easy to defeat. ::Al ran up to them::

AL: Thank goodness you guys are here! I’ve just escaped form my cell and am on my way to free Freeda and Fred! You do know that with this tournament you will have to fight together! He will be setting traps to get you guys to argue and break apart. Be careful and good luck! ::he ran off::

GUIDO: Well now, we’ll just show everyone who is boss.

POLLY: Right! ::she placed her hand in the middle of the circle they had made:: The SPC will triumph once and for all! ::Guido placed his hand on top of Polly’s and Speedy laid his on top of Guido’s::

SPEEDY: All for one and all for Pizza!

NARRATOR: Will the three cats be able to stay together enough to beat all the traps Big Cheese has in store for them? Well this mean an end to this writers fanfiction? Find out in "The Final Battle". Next week on SPC!

NARRATOR: Well.. here it is. The conclusion to this *yawn* boring mini-series. We start off right where we left off, the SPC were getting ready to enter the start of the tournament.

POLLY: Well.. here it goes. ::They entered in carefully and the door shut behind them by itself.::

SPEEDY: Hehe.. Uh.. guys.. did any of you close that door? ::they shook their head:: Ok.. never mind then.

NARRATOR: As they continued on, they encountered their first enemy. A bunch of Ninja Crows.

POLLY: Come on guys! This should be a piece of cake! ::she pulled out three of her heart bombs but Speedy pulled her back::

SPEEDY: Let's do it together to save our energy. We each will use our special attacks together.

POLLY: Just like we had to use before!

GUIDO: Let's do it gang! ::Speedy pulled out his other sword::

SPEEDY: Prepared to be destroyed! ::he sent a beam of energy towards them as did Guido and Polly with their special moves and all the crows were destroyed::

POLLY: Right on! ::they continued on their way with Polly up front, Speedy in the middle, and Guido at the end:: Shouldn't you be the one up here Speedy!

SPEEDY: I just feel a lot safer here in the middle.

POLLY: Scaredy kitten.

GUIDO: Ahh! ::Speedy and Polly turned around and saw Guido being attacked by summo wrestler:: These must be the Big Cheese's Bodyguards!

POLLY: Watch out Guido! ::one of them had Guido in a headlock:: ::Polly ran towards them and jump kicked the guy away:: ::Guido fell to the floor gasping for air::

GUIDO: Thanks..

POLLY: You would have done the same for me. ::she then went and helped Speedy fight off the summo wrestler until everyone was to tired to continue::

SPEEDY: Come on. These guys are to wiped out to continue. By the time they catch their breath we'll be long gone and since these guys are so huge they'd never catch up. ::he took a deep breath::

POLLY: *gasping* You said a mouthful.

GUIDO: *panting* You could say that again Polly.

POLLY: I would.. but I want to catch my breath first.

NARRATOR: Well doesn't Polly know that she just wasted her breath saying that she didn't want to waste it?

POLLY: Shut up you stupid Narrator!

NARRATOR: NEways, after they rested they decided to continue on.

GUIDO: Man.. this is just one straight passage way.

SPEEDY: Hey look! A 3 way tunnel!

POLLY: I guess that means we're going to have to split up.

SPEEDY: You crazy?! You heard what Al said! We got to stick together!

GUIDO: Chicken. I'll take the middle one. Polly, you get the one on the right, Speedy you get the one on the left.

SPEEDY: But.. left is my un-lucky direction.

POLLY: *annoyed* Good luck Speedy. ::they went their ways:: -=I have a bad feeling about this..=-

SPEEDY: Aww man. I don't like this. Not one bit. ::he reluctantly went his way::

NARRATOR: Little did they know that in front of each them was a Robot that would feed on their worst fears and play them out.

SPEEDY: I really really don't like this. ::just then he went from the underground tunnel of the palace to a graveyard:: No. This must be a dream. ::skeletons popped up and started chasing after Speedy:: Gahhh…! My worst fear has always been of being attacked by skeletons!

SKELETON 1: Resistance if futile. ::Speedy found himself cornered by a bunch of skeletons and he sunk down to his knees, cowering::

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Polly was slowly making her way through the tunnel on the right.

POLLY: Wow.. it's so quiet. ::a few Ninja crows came along:: Talk about easy! ::she extended her claws only to see that she had none:: What the..?

CROW 1: Attack my fellow crows! ::a thousand of them came at her::

POLLY: I know! *worried* My heart bombs! ::she went to pick one up and it crumbled:: No.. this can't be happening. ::The crows started attacking her and she held them off the best she could:: My dagger! Of course! ::she went to reach for it but it was gone::

CROW 2: Haha.. you are defenseless. ::the kept attacking her and she tried to fight them off only to find out that she had slow reflexes because she was fat::

POLLY: No! ::she too cowered as the crows attacked her::

GUIDO: Hey.. I hear screaming! ::he turned around and went into the tunnel that Polly was on::

NARRATOR: Meanwhile..

SPEEDY: Hah! Try to fight me while being in a million pieces! ::he had smashed the skeleton but it snapped back together, as did the others he smashed:: Uh oh.. *yelling* Help me!!

::Guido ran down and saw Polly cowering at nothing. He walked over to her and put his hands on he shoulders shaking her::

GUIDO: Polly! Snap out of it! It isn't real! ::She opened her eyes and saw Guido in front of her::

POLLY: I knew that. ::she looked down:: am I fat?

GUIDO: Uh.. no. Not at all. ::he helped Polly up and she extended her claws:: Hey! I didn't insult you this time!

POLLY: I wasn't going to hurt you for a change, I was making sure I had them still.

GUIDO: Yea.. whatever. ::they heard Speedy yelling help::

POLLY: On no. I think what just happened to me is happening to Speedy.

GUIDO: *nodding* Right. Let's go help him out. ::they ran to where Speedy was and saw him swinging at nothing with his sword::

POLLY: You think maybe a robot is behind this?

GUIDO: Probably.. ::they ran up to Speedy and Polly slapped him across the face::

SPEEDY: Ouch! ::he rubbed his face:: Thanks.. I needed that. ::A robot appeared in front of them that looked like a huge tiger::

GUIDO: Nice kitty.. :;he said and backed up::

POLLY: Man.. if only Speedy could call upon the Catatonic..

SPEEDY: We need it for the final battle.. ::they too backed up::

GUIDO: Uhh.. fearless leader.. what should we do? ::they all backed up against a wall::

SPEEDY: Umm.. uhh.. ::he looked to Polly:: Polly?

POLLY: I think I got it. ::she flipped over the robot and it turned around:: Come on kitty. Attack me.

GUIDO: Polly! What the..? What are you doing?!

POLLY: Just watch and shut up! ::the tiger robot pounced on top of her and she pulled out the battery that was attached to it. Then she kicked it off:: Now.. shall we continue?

NARRATOR: Once Guido and Speedy snapped out of their daze, they continued on only to hear a familiar voice.

BADBIRD: So.. you cats have made it this far huh? ::he appeared before them:: Well, Speedy Cerviche, or should I say Speedy Service, the cat who works at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. I challenge you.

SPEEDY: Your on!

POLLY: How does he know our secret identities?

GUIDO: When you had that battle with Lilly, your helmet fell off and gave it a way. ::Lilly appeared::

LILLY: Must you always make a entrance Bad Bird? Trying to hog all the attention.

BADBIRD: Hey! I'm just trying to stop Speedy like you are supposed to stop Guido and Polly!

LILLY: Please, all you'll do is screw up again. ::BadBird got mad::

BADBIRD: At least I don't kiss up to Big Cheese!! ::So did Lilly::

LILLY: Grr.. that's it. I've had it with you bird boy! ::they both started fighting and the SPC just sat back and watched::

POLLY: Geez.. looks like they both will do our work for us.

GUIDO: Really.. hmm.. well we could go on ahead and fight big cheese while they're fighting..

SPEEDY: Or better yet.. ::he pulled out a rope, tied a lasso and it wrapped itself around the two:: *poor country accent* Looks like we caught a big one.. An't it Guido?

GUIDO: You said it partner. ::Polly rolled her eyes::

POLLY: Will you two come along, we're almost done then this fanfic can end. ::they followed after Polly and ended up in a very huge room that was bare. The wall behind them closed up and they were trapped::

SPEEDY: Ahhhh..! We're trapped! I can't breath! ::he started taking huge gasps of air and Polly smacked him::

POLLY: Calm down. We're just fine. ::The Big Cheese appeared only he was 10ft tall::

BIG CHEESE: *laughing madly* You should be glad I played the SPC game for NES! For they gave me this wonderful idea to grow 10ft tall. ::he laughed madly again::

GUIDO: We have a video game? :They looked at each other::

BIG CHEESE: Yes you do now let's get on with this!! Jerry Springer comes on at 3 and I can't miss it.

SPEEDY: You got it pal!! ::just then the Catatonic busted through the wall and shot out the gooney birds towards the cats::

NARRATOR: Well here ya go. Another amazing transformation! Notice the precision and talent that went into making this scene! This is one kick butt scene if you ask me!

BIG CHEESE: What..? Oh well. I can sill you beat you and that Catatonic. ::Polly and Guido took control of it::

POLLY: Let's show him who is boss Guido!

GUIDO: Now ya talking! ::Big Cheese threw a handful of bombs at the Catatonic taking on a direct hit::

POLLY: Speedy!! Do something now!! ::Guido pressed some buttons::

GUIDO: We lost control of it!!

POLLY: You mean we're stuck in this thing? ::Guido nodded::

SPEEDY: Ok Big Cheese! If everything else you have done in the past has ticked me it off, nothing has as badly as this! No one traps my friends in a crazy machine but me!

NARRATOR: Here it comes! A new and improved Cats Eye Slash! ::he threw it at the Big Cheese, shrinking him down to size, however the explosion knocked the out of control Catatonic to the ground::

BIG CHEESE: Ok! I surrender! *crying* JERRY!!!!! ::he ran off and Vi and his other prisoners came out::

VIOLET: I banish you to Extras Exile Island! ::he disappeared::

SPEEDY: Come on you two! We have to do our pose! ::Guido and Polly managed to climb out of the Catatonic::

POLLY: We're here. Can we just go home? ::she passed out::

GUIDO: She must still be exhausted after being ill for so long.

SPEEDY: Poor kid.

GUIDO: Hey Speedy.. this means we have to carry her home.

SPEEDY: I'll help ya.

GUIDO: Thanks pal. ::they picked her up and carried her back to the shop that just so happened to be in perfect condition thanks to the magic of animation::

NARRATOR: What? No joke? That's a first. I mean they could say something about her weight. Am I correct? NEways, it was getting dark and there was a great calm in the shop. Of course, everything was over.. or so they thought.

FRANCINE: Oh I love counting money! ::she was holding a calculator seeing how much money they had made since that afternoon when the new shop went to business.

GUIDO: We really could use Polly Fran I'm exhausted. ::he was sitting down at a booth panting::

FRANCINE: Even though Polly is awake she should still get her rest. Besides, we made over 1,000 dollars tonight! ::Guido groaned::
::Speedy meanwhile slowly made his way into Polly's room holding some roses behind his back::

SPEEDY: *whispering* Polly.. ya awake? ::Polly was sitting on the end of her bed looking out the window at the stars in a pink robe and T-shirt::

POLLY: Yea.. come on in Speedy. ::Speedy walked slowly over to her and closed the door slightly::

SPEEDY: I'm really sorry Polly.

POLLY: About what? ::she was still looking out the window::

SPEEDY: About asking you to come along and help us fight when you were still weak.

POLLY: Speedy, you of all people should know me by now. I would have come wither you wanted me to or not.

SPEEDY: Ya I know.. still.. I could have been more supportive towards you when you were ill.

POLLY: I know. Guido and Fran told me about how much you showed you cared about me. ::he smirked::

SPEEDY: I really am sorry Polly.. I was merely hiding how much it was hurting me inside when you were ill. ::she looked to Speedy:: I guess I was afraid to show in front of Guido just how scared I was that I might loose you.

POLLY: Speedy.. I..

SPEEDY: I don't think I'd be able to live anymore if I had lost you. You mean a lot to me Polly, even though I rarely show it, you do. ::she blushed and he handed her the roses while looking in her eyes:: I love you Ms. Ester

POLLY: *blushing* Oh Speedy.. I love you to. ::he smiled and held her in his arms:: Even if I do seriously injure you when you deserve it. ::they laughed lightly::

FRANCINE: They make such a cute couple.. don't you think? ::they were both listening in on Speedy and Polly's conversation::

GUIDO: Yea.. -=Don't know what Polly sees him though.. she should have someone like me who can actually take care of her.=-

LISA: Hey guys. I was wondering if I could get a job as a waitress? I saw you all were hiring and thought I'd sign up for the job.

FRANCINE: We'd love ya to join us! Just fill out this paperwork. ::she handed her a huge pile of forms::

LISA: Great! ::she sat down at a table and got to work:: -=Guido looks awfully familiar. Don't you think? Isn't he one of our enemies?=- *whispering* What are you talking about? Who are you? -=Think how happy bad Bird will be when we tell them the news=- What news? Who is Bad Bird?

GUIDO: Is it just me or is she talking to herself?

FRANCINE: I don't really know.

LISA: Leave me alone! Just leave me alone whoever you are! ::she covered her ears and Guido ran over to her::

GUIDO: You all right Lisa? ::she nodded::

LISA: Yea.. I'm fine. The voice is gone now. I got to go. ::she handed him the completed application and left the place::

FRANCINE: Talk about weird.

GUIDO: Yea..

NARRATOR: Well I guess there will be a ton more fanfics after this one. Just what we need. Ah well. See you all next week.