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**The story opens up with Polly standing in her room packing with Guido and Speedy watching her.**
GUIDO: So you're really going home huh?
POLLY: Yea.. just for a month then I'll be back. ::she threw in some tops into the suitcase::
SPEEDY: Why are you going back?
POLLY: My parents want me to come to see them since they haven't seen me in 6 years. ::she packed more stuff and closed the suitcase and placed it with the 20 other luggage she had::
GUIDO: So you'll be gone a whole month huh?
POLLY: Yup. ::she looked at her watch:: Well I got to go or I'll miss my flight. Would you boys mind carrying my luggage out to the taxi for me?
SPEEDY: I'm sort of busy..
GUIDO: Yea, me to.. ::they started to take off but she grabbed them by their tails::
POLLY: You will take my stuff to the taxi or you'll both be dead!
::After much hesitation and Polly's threats, they loaded up her luggage::
POLLY: See you all in a month! ::the taxi drove off::
GUIDO: Yes! No Polly for a whole month! ::he high five Speedy::
SPEEDY: Party time! ::Francine came up behind them::
FRANCINE: Well I'm heading off to Hawaii. ::another Taxi pulled up and she got in followed by Lucille::
LUCILLE: See you boys later.
SPEEDY: What? Your going to!
GUIDO: Who're going to flirt with?! ::she giggled::
LUCILLE: Later boys! ::she and Fran waved and the Taxi took off::
SPEEDY: Have you noticed that no one so far has been using their own car?
GUIDO: Yea, but we got more important things to worry about. What are we going to do since Lucille isn't here?
SPEEDY: I don't know.. Polly is in the USA visiting her parents, Fran and Lucille are in Hawaii, Hmm.. wanna go to France? ::Guido smiled::
GUIDO: The city of love, Let's go their pal!
NARRATOR: And so this begins our little Novel on how the Samurai Pizza Cats spent their summer Vacation. Don't ask me where they got the money from but at least we have a story.

**The plane landed at Norfolk General Airport and Polly stepped off the plane with some skinny guy carrying all her luggage**
POLLY: -= She should be here by now, but knowing my mom she's probably running late. =- ::The guy walked over with her to the fence and dropped her luggage only to leave with no tip::
MOM: Polly! You came to visit us! ::a middle aged feline in a sun dress ran up to her and hugged her and Polly smiled::
POLLY: Hi mom. I'm glad to see you to.
MOM: Oh yea, there is someone who wants to say hello to you!
POLLY: Who mom? ::her father walked up to her and Polly gasped:: Dad..?
DAD: Hey sweetie. ::he hugged her::
POLLY: But I thought you and mom split up a long time ago..
MOM: We got back together. Isn't that great?!
POLLY: That's wonderful! So when do I get to meet everyone else?
DAD: Right this way. ::they got into a car and left the airport::
**That night after everyone meet everyone else, Polly went to bed early since she had such a long flight. She was sitting up reading a book when she heard a tap on her window::
POLLY: Who could that be.. ::she was tired and because of the time zone change, she was already behind on sleep. She yawns, threw on her bathrobe and opened the window::
RAGE: Polly.. your back.. ::she woke up instantly hearing the voice::
POLLY: Rage?! Long time since we've seen each other. How are you?
RAGE: Not to bad but please keep down the volume, your family is still mad at me for that night back when we were kids..
POLLY: But that was practically 10 years ago.. they still haven't forgotten about it? ::he shook his head:: Hang on.. let me throw on some clothes and I'll meet you outside.
RAGE: K. I'll meet ya by the big oak tree. Just like old times.
**A few minutes later they were both at the big oak tree**
RAGE: ::smiling:: So how long you staying?
POLLY: I have no clue. Whenever the writer makes me leave.
RAGE: Ahh.. still the same writer as before?
POLLY: Unfortunately yea. ::he grinned::
RAGE: In that case I'm sure you'll be staying for a while. ::she smiled then sighed::
POLLY: I still can't believe they despise you for that one night.. it wasn't even anything big.
RAGE: Yea.. but let's concentrate on catching up first. A lot has changed since you have last been here.
POLLY: Oh? Like what? ::they continued to walk together::
RAGE: Well, I'll show you.. remember that place a bunch of us hung out at all the time?
POLLY: You mean the cliff that rests over the river? ::he nodded::
RAGE: We tried to save it but alas the government won. That's politics for you though.
POLLY: What'd they do to it? ::they approached their destination::
RAGE: Well.. they changed it to a junk yard and the river is so polluted because of it that no one wants to go there anymore. ::she looked at once used to be the cliff and the beautiful river::
POLLY: I can't believe this! Where does everyone hang out now? ::he shrugged::
RAGE: Ever since that day when it got turned into a dump, all of our friends got up and left. Most have settled down now and have kids of their own.
POLLY: Really? ::they started heading back to Polly's house:: How come you didn't get up and move?
RAGE: Well you promised me that one night that'd you'd come back and visit me so I never left. ::she smiled:: Umm.. Anyways I better get going. It was good seeing you again. ::he started walking off::
POLLY: Will ya be around tomorrow? I was thinking we could go shopping! ::he laughed::
RAGE: Sure.. ::he grinned:: it's a date. ::he then headed off and to Polly it seemed like he just vanished. She shook her head and climbed back in her window only to be confronted by her parents::

** Guido and Speedy were standing outside a huge hotel in Paris, France.**
GUIDO: Man! Check out this place Speedy!
SPEEDY: Yea.. looks way to expensive though. We only have 1,000 dollars to spend. ::Guido grinned to him::
GUIDO: We're in France and 1,000 dollars equals 10,000,000 dollars here. We're rich! (Authors Note: I really have no idea how much money here would equal in France but just keep in mind, this is fiction^^)
SPEEDY: Well then, lets go check out a room. ::before they could do anything, two young felines were asking them for directions::
GIRL 1: Do you boys know how to get to the Eiffel Tower?
GIRL 2: Yea. We seemed to have gotten lost.
GUIDO: Of course we do. How would you like it if we took ya there ourselves? ::Speedy whispered to Guido::
SPEEDY: *whispering* You idiot! We've never been here before! ::Guido just grinned::
GUIDO: Come on ladies. It seems like my friend here has other stuff to do at the moment. ::he offered both of them one of his elbows and left with the girls giggling::
SPEEDY: Just watch him make an idiot out of himself. ::he went into the hotel and up to the cashier:: How much is a room here?
LADY: Room? Sorry kid this is a club disguised as a hotel so we won't get sued.
LADY: That's what I said and your far to young to be in this club. If ya don't leave now I'll call the police.
SPEEDY: Hold it lady! I'm over 18. I swear! I even have my wallet with my cat licensee right here.. ::he went to reach for it and saw it had fallen out of a huge hole in his pocket:: -= Uh oh.. =-
LADY: That's it I'm calling the police! ::in a few minutes a ton of cops were at the club and took Speedy away in a cop car::
SPEEDY: *banging on the window* I'm innocent I tell ya! I may be short but I'm innocent!

**Francine and Lucille were speeding down the road in a blue convertible mustang towards the beach**
LUCILLE: Is this a cool rental car or what? ::her hair was blowing in the wind as was Francine's::
FRANCINE: Oh yea! We should be able to pick up a lot of cute guys with this thing.
LUCILLE: Don't forget about shopping now.
FRANCINE: Oh yea! ::she pulled into a parallel parking spot and they hoped out. Lucille was wearing a purple tank top with black shorts and Francine was wearing her green one piece swimsuit with black shorts::
LUCILLE: Where to first?
FRANCINE: How does.. that oh so cool clothing store look?!
LUCILLE: Looks good to me. Let's go!
**After 4 hours worth of shopping and 2 hours of flirting with the male clerks they headed back to their car carrying a ton of bags**
FRANCINE: I miss Speedy and Guido already.
LUCILLE: So do I. Usually they'd both be so eager to carry my bags for me. ::they placed there bags down only to see that their rental car was gone::
FRANCINE: What happened to it? You have any idea how much that'll cost?
LUCILLE: Whatever should we do? ::two guys on motorcycles pulled up to them::
GUY 1: Need a lift pretty ladies?
LUCILLE: You bet.
GUY 2: Well hop on. My name is Jed and his name is Rod.
LUCILLE: I'm Lucille and this is my friend Francine.
GUY 1: Well are you coming or what? ::Lucille climbed on behind Jed and Francine climbed on behind Rod::
FRANCINE: Thanks for taking us to our resort. Someone stole our rental car. ::the guys glanced at each other quickly then continued to ride on towards the resort::
**After an hour they were back at the resort**
JED: So Lucille, would you like to go out to dinner tonight? I know of this great dance club!
LUCILLE: I'd love to. What time are you picking me up?
ROD: We'll pick you two up at 7. See you all then. ::they rode off::
FRANCINE: I don't trust those guys.
LUCILLE: This will be fun!

**Polly's parents were glaring at her when she came in**
MOM: Just where have you been young lady?!
POLLY: I was out visiting some old friends. I am 21 you know.
DAD: So? If you were with that jerk Rage your in trouble. No matter how old you are.
POLLY: Why are you treating me like a kid?! I mean I'm an adult now. ::her mom rested her hand on Polly's shoulder::
MOM: We know dear but you know very well how our families have never gotten along and we don't want their son influencing you.
DAD: You just may be visiting for a while but until you leave you will follow our rules and that means ya can't hang around Rage anymore.
POLLY: You guys are so un-fair! I come back here to see my childhood friends and to spend time with you all and instead I get yelled at! It's like I stepped back in time!
MOM: We're sorry hon. You can see your friends.. just not Rage. You promise? ::Polly was more aggravated then she had ever been. Even more so then when Guido and Speedy aggravated her::
POLLY: Yes Mom. ::she crossed her fingers behind her back:: I promise. Just stop treating me like a little kid and as one of you guys all right?
DAD: All right. Now see you in the mourning. ::they left her room::
POLLY: -= I'm going to see if that club I used to sing at is still running =-
**After climbing back our her window and putting on a change of clothes she walked over to the club and frowned seeing as to how it was closed down**
POLLY: Doesn't this just beat all.. ::Rage came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder::
RAGE: Heya.
POLLY: Oh.. hey Rage. What's up? ::he grinned::
RAGE: I was asking you the same thing especially since it's so late at night.
POLLY: Had a fight with my parents.
RAGE: Uh oh.. did it have to do with me? ::she nodded:: Just like old times huh?
POLLY: Yea.. I wonder if my pals are having better luck then I am.
RAGE: I'm sure they all. Let's say we.. ::they heard sirens::
POLLY: What now?
RAGE: I have no clue.. ::he looked around and saw a sign that said "Private Property. Trespassers will be prosecuted.":: I think that may be it..
POLLY: But this is in the middle of a town? What is going on here? ::the cops pulled over:: What now?
RAGE: I think it's time we run out of here.
POLLY: Run from the law?!
RAGE: Trust me on this. ::he grabbed her hand and they started running:: Your dad is a cop and that just so happened to be his police car.
POLLY: I thought he was an engineer? ::they kept running::
RAGE: Welcome to the New Old Home Poll.
**Her dad and the other officer stopped running after them**
DAD: I know those two! That was my daughter and she was hanging out with the son of my enemy!
COP: Should we put up wanted posters then?
DAD: Go for it. I'll teach my daughter not to break the rules.

**We now drift back to Tokyo where Jerry Attric and the Big Cheese are looking through a crystal ball**
BIG CHEESE: That's right. Run my little pretty. ::he was watching Polly and Rage run::
JERRY: Umm.. your lordship. Wrong story.
BIG CHEESE: Oh shut up Jerry! Your just jealous of my acting talent!
JERRY: *mumbling* Some talent.
BIG CHEESE: What was that Jerry?!
JERRY: Nothing sir. Now I think it'll be nice if you told our readers our plan.
BIG CHEESE: Oh right. Well thanks to this little invention.. ::he held up the crystal ball:: I can make the Pizza Cats vacations go the way I want it. I can make them suffer without them knowing that I'm the master mind behind it. They'll be so stressed out that they'll become weak and helpless. That's when we attack!
JERRY: Well thought up sir. ::Big Cheese placed the crystal ball back down and the scene shifted to Speedy in Jail::
BIG CHEESE: I'm so smart! Oh yea! I'll win this time!
JERRY: And he calls me a moron..

**Speedy was sitting in a jail cell all by himself bored to tears**
SPEEDY: They could have at least stuck me with some other prisoners or something. I'm so lonely. ::he saw a cute female cop walk past:: Maybe this isn't so bad after all..
**Meanwhile, up front at the desk a young cat with brown fur and blue eyes, spiky hair, leather jacket with a blue shirt underneath, and wearing a pair of Levi's was yelling at the officer**
BOOMER: Free my father now or I'll slaughter you all like the pigs you really are! I don't tolerate Police Officers messing with my family! ::he pulled out heavy machine gun:: Now free my dad Speedy Cerviche and none of you get hurt! ::they ran off and came back with Speedy::
OFFICER: There.. there.. ya go.. son. Now.. leave.. ::Boomer grabbed Speedy's hand, ran outside, jumped on his motorcycle and sped off::
SPEEDY: *yelling* Uhh.. thanks whoever you are!
BOOMER: *yelling* I'm your son, Boomer Cerviche.
SPEEDY: Wha? I have a son? Why are you in Paris?
BOOMER: Yes I'm your son and my mom is Polly Ester. I'm in Paris 'cause I moved out 2 years ago. Remember I told you all that? ::they were speeding down the road and had a ton of cops on their tails::
SPEEDY: But how can you be my son? I'm not married to Polly. Hell I don't even love her much less respect her.
BOOMER: Oh is that so? No wonder you and mom broke up.
SPEEDY: We broke up? When did all this happen and how come I don't remember it?!
BOOMER: I'll explain later. Right now, we're in deep cat litter. ::he turned on the Radio and it was playing "One Week" by BareNaked Ladies and he sped up to 130::
SPEEDY: American music in Paris? This has to be some sort of bizarre dream! Why can't I wake up! ::Boomer looked behind him::
BOOMER: Welcome to hell father.
SPEEDY: *nervous, scared, annoyed, and ticked off* What's that supposed to mean?!

**It was 7 and Lucille and Fran were waiting outside their hotel for Jed and Steven**
LUCILLE: Where are they! ::she was wearing a black dress that fell to her ankles and had a small slip up the side. Francine was wearing a light green dress::
FRANCINE: I have no idea but if they don't get here soon I'm suing!
LUCILLE: Suing who?
FRANCINE: The writer! ::an hour passed and they still haven't shown up::
LUCILLE: I think we've been stood up!
FRANCINE: Good grief! Some night this is. ::Lucille waved down a taxi::
LUCILLE: Let's say we go bar hoping. Maybe we'll run across some more cute guys. ::Francine giggled::
FRANCINE: Let's go! ::they got into the taxi just as Ted and Steven pulled up in their motorcycles::
TED: Can you believe all that traffic? I hope the girls aren't mad we're late. ::Steven looked around and saw them in a cab::
STEVEN: There they are. Let's follow them. We can't let those two get away! ::the started up their cycles. Lucille saw them and stopped the cab::
LUCILLE: We don't need another chase scene now do we Fran? ::she and Fran giggled and got out of the cab:::
TED: Sorry we're late. Bad traffic.
LUCILLE: It's quite all right. ::they got on behind their dates and took off. Ted and Steven gave each other a sly grin seeing how there plan was working great::

**Polly and Rage were running till they were a good 10 miles out of her town and wandered into a forest**
POLLY: *trying to catch her breath* This is so strange. I think someone is toying with us. ::she stopped running and leaned against a tree:: -= To think.. I do more exercise then this back in Tokyo. I hope I'm not out of shape. =- ::Rage looked to her::
RAGE: If someone is toying around, who do you think it is?
POLLY: I don't know.. probably the Big Cheese.
RAGE: *confused* Who? ::she remembered she hasn't filled him in on what she does exactly in Little, Tokyo::
POLLY: Where should I start.. ::she climbed up in one of the trees and sat on a branch::
RAGE: ::he smiled looking up at her:: How about from the beginning?
POLLY: Good idea. ::she started to explain everything and a bit later she finished. Rage had made himself comfortable sitting down at the base of the tree Polly was in::
RAGE: I can see why you wanted a break. Sorry it wasn't what you wanted.
POLLY: It's all right. ::she looked out at the full moon:: -= I wonder what the others are up to.. I only hope they're all right =- ::she jumped down from the tree:: But it isn't all that bad really.
RAGE: What do you mean?
POLLY: ::she smiled:: I got to see you again. ::she sat down next to him and he smiled::
RAGE: Glad to hear it. ::he looked down:: I know it's been 6 years but I've really missed you.
POLLY: If it makes you feel better, I've really missed you to.
RAGE: You have? ::she smiled and rested her head on his shoulder::
POLLY: Yes I have. ::he put his arms around her and held her::
RAGE: You know.. I've been thinking.. ::just then there was a opening in the night sky::
POLLY: What is that?
RAGE: Looks like a warp hole or something. ::the wind started picking up::
POLLY: I have a feeling this can't be good.. ::she got up and looked at with her hair blowing in the wind, when she saw something fly through it. Her feline intuition told her something bad was getting ready to happen:: -= Ok Speedy and Guido.. where are you when I need you =-

**Rage ran up next to Polly as they stared at the black hole and at that moment in Paris, France Guido, Boomer, and Speedy were seeing the same thing. There is also a split screen effect going on**
SPEEDY and GUIDO: What in the name of the Catatonic?!
RAGE and Polly: What is that thing?!
**meanwhile Lucille and Fran had ended up being held hostage by BadBird and Jerry who just so happened to have disguised themselves as handsome street punks**
BAD BIRD: Ahh.. shock. You gotta love it don't ya Jerry?
JERRY: Well.. for being over 2,000 years old I'd have to say that being shocked is not a good thing. Especially when you have a weak heart. ::he started coughing::
BAD BIRD: -= Figures I'd get stuck with a balding old guy. =-
FRANCINE: Just what are you going to do to us? ::she and Lucille were tied up::
BAD BIRD: You'll find out soon enough. ::he grabbed Lucille and Fran and jumped through a black warp hole followed by Jerry::
**A few minutes later they all had landed in some sort of strange dimension**
JERRY: I'll go throw our hostages in the cage we prepared for them.
BAD BIRD: Well hurry up Jerry! We want to surprise those annoying felines when they show up! ::the lights dimmed and they went into their hiding places::
**Speedy and the others fell from the air through a black hole and everyone landed on their feet but Speedy who ended up falling on his back**
SPEEDY: *in pain* That hurt..
POLLY: Be a grown cat for a change Speedy!
GUIDO: Ya, you know what they say.. no pain, no gain.
SPEEDY: Shut-up! ::Boomer helped him up::
POLLY: Man.. it's dark in here.
RAGE: I know.. now can anyone tell me what's going on here? ::he looked to Polly and she shrugged::
POLLY: I'm as clueless as you.. especially since we're now in our armor?
SPEEDY: Wha..? ::he looked down:: But.. this is our armor from the Catatonic.. how in the world?
GUIDO: I have no idea.. maybe it's some sort of nightmare.
BOOMER: It better be.. hey! Didn't ya tell me about a cute girl named Lucille? Where is she? ::Polly rolled her eyes::
POLLY: Tomcats.. oy! ::Rage looked to her::
RAGE: Come again? ::she gave a thin smile::
POLLY: Heh.. heh.. nothing.. ::Guido nudged Speedy::
GUIDO: *whispering* Hey.. looks like Polly is trying to impress someone.. Maybe we'll get a break after all.. ::Speedy laughed when all of a sudden they were surrounded by Ninja Crows as the lights came on::
SPEEDY: Woah! Now that was unexpected! ::he pulled out his sword::
POLLY: I can handle these fellows in no time. ::she used her Passion Paw and mauled all the Ninja crows:: Piece of cake!
GUIDO: This must mean BadBird is around.. ::the lights flicked on showing BadBird on top of a huge robot that looked like himself::
BAD BIRD: Geez.. maybe you aren't as stupid as you look Anchovy.
GUIDO: Hey! Watch it BadBird! ::he pulled out his umbrella and a beam shot from it however BadBird dodged it::
BAD BIRD: Is that the best you can do? ::the robot shot out a huge mass of Birdseed that slammed Rage and Boomer against the wall causing them to go unconscious and fall to the floor::
POLLY: Rage!! ::BadBird threw his head back and chuckled::
BAD BIRD: Ha ha ha! ::just then Speedy's other sword appeared and BadBird's eyes bugged out:: Ack!!
SPEEDY: No one hurts innocent felines without my permission BadBird. Be prepared to taste steel! ::he did the cats eye slash and the robot blew up but yet BadBird vanished::
SPEEDY: Now where did he..strange..
GUIDO: Now where are Fran and Lucille? They have to be around here somewhere. ::Polly was kneeling next to Rage::
POLLY: I have no idea.. but I have a feeling the worst is yet to come..

**Our heroes managed to revive Rage and Boomer but Lucille and Fran couldn't be found**
SPEEDY: Think maybe they're still in Hawaii?
GUIDO: Could be..
RAGE: Well.. now what? ::just then another warp hole opened up::
BOOMER: Ahh.. man. Maybe this is the way home!
POLLY: Wait! It could be a.. ::she was to late. Boomer went through it:: trap..
GUIDO: Well.. what's the worst that can happen. Am I right? Besides.. this armor is getting very hot.
RAGE: I'm in for following Boomer..
GUIDO: So let's go then!
POLLY: Yea.. let's go. But don't say I didn't warn ya. ::they followed Boomer through the warp hole and landed in a place that had a ton of trees::
SPEEDY: Looks like some sort of forest.. wonder where we are? ::the warp hole closed behind them::
BOOMER: I don't know.. but wherever we are.. the sun is going down. I don't know about you but I could use a rest..
POLLY: So can I.. wanna just camp here for the night?
ALL: Sure!
GUIDO: Just wish I could get rid of this armor. ::Boomer made a book-bag appear from then air::
BOOMER: Here.. one set of clothes for Guido, one for Speedy, and one for Polly.
**the others just stood their in amazement**
ALL 3: Thanks.. we think
POLLY: Now I just need to find a private place to change..
BOOMER: What's wrong with changing here? ::the guys laughed::
POLLY: Funny.. just be glad I don't have my frying pan with me. ::Speedy and Guido thought about what Boomer said a moment and shuddered::
GUIDO: Now I'll have nightmares.. thanks Boomer.
SPEEDY: Yea.. thanks a lot. ::Polly ignored them and went to find a spot::
**after 20 minutes everyone was sitting down by a small fire, except for Polly**
RAGE: I wonder where Polly is..
GUIDO: Don't know.. so what is up with you and Polly anyway?
RAGE: Wha..?
SPEEDY: Well it's obvious you two have known each other for along time.
RAGE: We're just friends.. that's all.. ::Polly walked over to them wearing baggy jeans and a red baggy T-shirt::
POLLY: I'm dressed as a guy.. never thought I'd see the day I would come to this..
GUIDO: *his witty charm kicks in* Actually Polly.. it fits your figure perfectly.. of course it matches your personality as well. ::Polly beamed him over the head with a piece of her armor::
RAGE: Well I think she looks cute.. ::Polly blushed and sat down next to Guido who had small stars circling around his face::
GUIDO: I always wanted to be a star. ::he passed out and fell off the log he was sitting on::
SPEEDY: *laughing* NEways.. we need to find Lucille and Fran.. I have a feeling BadBird has them held hostage somewhere.
RAGE: Yea.. probably..
BOOMER: Say Polly.. think you can get us more firewood?
POLLY: Only if you all will stop teasing me I will.. otherwise you won't be alive by mourning. ::she started filing her claws::
SPEEDY: Ok.. ::Guido woke up::
GUIDO: We will stop teasing you.. *whispering to Speedy* tonight anyway. ::Polly went off to get some wood::
RAGE: I'm just going to see if she needs help.. ::he got up and followed her::
POLLY -= What is going on here? One minute things seem normal.. now they have all gotten crazy.. =- ::she bent down and started picking up some wood which wasn't all to hard to find::
RAGE: Heya ::she turned around with a lot of wood in her arms::
POLLY: Hey.. what's up?
RAGE: Nothing.. just wondering about something.. you think all this could really be a nightmare?
POLLY: That sounds like the only explanation I can think of.. unless The Big Cheese has found out some way to control people's lives and change them to his desire.. ::Rage chuckled::
RAGE: I highly doubt that's possible
POLLY: You'd be surprised.. who knows what The Big Cheese can do nowadays. ::she looked up at the sky and then looked to Rage and grinned:: Now what is it you really followed me for? I know it wasn't to discuss the madness we've been through today.
RAGE: Well.. umm.. ya know.. I forget what it was. ::she laughed::
POLLY: *grinning sarcastically* What else is new? Mind helping me with some wood then?
RAGE: Not at all.. maybe then it'll occur to me.
::The others were watching the fire slowly die::
GUIDO: Man.. where is Polly.. we need more wood or we all will freeze out here.
BOOMER: Probably off somewhere with Rage.. won't be surprised if those two have completely abandoned us. Some mom I've got. Leaving my father for another guy.
SPEEDY: I an't your father and I an't married to Polly! ::for a split second he felt a bit jealous of Rage but the thought left him as quickly as it had come::
BOOMER: Damn.. I have one screwed up family.. ::Polly and Rage came back with some wood and threw it on the fire::
GUIDO: It's about time. ::he grinned:: Thought you two wouldn't be back till sometime tomorrow mourning.
POLLY: Shut up! ::she threw a piece of wood at him knocking him over and everyone laughed::
RAGE: Hey quiet. You here that? ::they all fell silent::
SPEEDY: Sounds like.. running..
GUIDO: Umm.. guys.. ::he got up and ran behind Polly:: Whatever it is, it an't human! ::they all followed Guido's gaze and couldn't believe their eyes at what they saw::

**The 5 cats stood in shock at what they saw. Speedy and Guido had hid behind Polly shivering in fear**
SPEEDY: What is.. that?
BOOMER: Holy snipes! It's a 50ft tall Barney!
BARNEY: Howdy kiddies! Who all is ready for a big group hug? ::they all screamed and ran away from him as fast as the could::
GUIDO: ::running like mad:: This is worse then an episode of Jerry Springer!
RAGE: Your telling me.
SPEEDY: I thought Barney came on during the day-time though? It's night-time.
POLLY: If I wasn't busy running right now Speedy I would have clobbered you upside your head!
SPEEDY: It was just an observation!
BARNEY: ::running after them:: Come back kiddies! We still have to sing the Barney song! ::Polly and Guido jumped into the trees while the others continued running from below::
POLLY: This is a very big workout. That's for sure.
GUIDO: ::jumping from tree to tree:: Trust me though. You need it.
POLLY: Funny. ::just then Barney grabbed Polly:: Hey! Let go of me! I hate your show just so you know!
GUIDO AND RAGE: Polly! ::they stopped as the others ran on::
BARNEY: Aww.. but hate is such a strong emotion. Let's talk about love shall we? ::she was trying to get free and he gave her a huge hug::
POLLY: Ack! I'm not one usually to ask for this but help me please! I can't move my arms nor legs!
RAGE: Guido. We have to do something! ::Guido pulled out his umbrella and was about ready to use it when Barney took hold of it with her other hand::
BARNEY: Hasn't your mother ever told it's not polite to use sharp pointy objects?
GUIDO: Ack! Let go you overgrown little..! ::Polly bit down on one of Barney's fingers causing him to drop her and let go of Guido's umbrella::
RAGE: Don't worry. ::he caught her as she fell:: I gotcha.
GUIDO: You all right Polly? ::He jumped down to Rage and Polly only to realize the others couldn't be found and that Barney had run off cursing under his breath. Guido then went to pick up his umbrella and walked back over::
POLLY: Never better ::she looked to Rage:: Now are you going to put me down or what?
RAGE: Huh? Oh yea.. sorry.. ::he put her down and Guido grinned::
GUIDO: Sure you are. ::Polly rolled her eyes::
POLLY: NEways.. what happened to the others? They were right here..
RAGE: I have no idea.. I swear I was right behind them..
POLLY: So that's Boomer, Speedy, Fran, and Lucille we're missing. ::she threw up her arms:: Great!
GUIDO: Do you think maybe whoever is behind all this is trying to separate us knowing we'd be weaker that way?
POLLY: It'd make for a nice sub-plot. That's for sure.
RAGE: Well maybe we should find the others then. It's starting to get light out. ::they started walking deeper into the forest::
POLLY: And I didn't get a minute of sleep..
GUDO: Don't worry Pol, I hear ya there. ::Rage shook his head::
RAGE: I hardly ever sleep so I'm used to this..
POLLY and GUIDO: Shut up! ::he grinned::
RAGE: Sorry.. I didn't mean to rub it in honest.
POLLY: Uh huh.. ::she grinned to him:: sure ya didn't. ::Guido shook his head::
**Meanwhile, the others were stuck in a cave with Bad Bird and Jerry guarding them along with 100 or so Ninja Crows**
LUCILLE: Speedy! Your here to save us!
FRANCINE: Where are Polly and Guido and who is that cute guy? :Lucille looked over to Boomer::
LUCILLE: Ooo.. he is cute! ::Boomer grinned::
BOOMER: The name is Boomer, Boomer Cerviche.. ::he kissed Lucille's hand:: but you can call me Boomer. ::Speedy was getting ready to put a stop to it when the 100 or so Ninja Crows that surrounded them started attacking::
FRANCINE: Speedy! Do something now or you won't get your next pay check! ::she paused for a second thought:: Of course.. that would mean more money for me.. ::Speedy pulled out his sword but Boomer took out a small ball and chain and knocked all the crows out::
BAD BIRD: Dang it! On to plan B! ::he vanished::
LUCILLE: Wow! I just love a guy who can fight without breaking a sweat! ::Boomer grinned::
SPEEDY: *annoyed* Come on.. let's track down the others.

**Speedy, Francine, Lucille, and Boomer had walked out of the cave and wandered into a large open area with no grass, just miles long of sand**
SPEEDY: Now where are we?
BOOMER: I have no idea.. looks like we're in a desert of some kind.
SPEEDY: What?!
LUCILLE: What planet are we on anyway?
BOOMER: I think we're on planet Earth.. just went through another parallel dimension.
SPEEDY: How many are there? This is crazy, insane..
FRANCINE: Speedy.. most of the writers stories are like that. At least this writer anyway.
SPEEDY: Oh yea..
LUCILLE: I'm starting to feel hot you all.
BOOMER: No argument there Lucille, you are pretty hot. ::she slapped him and Speedy laughed::
LUCILLE: Jerk! ::Boomer stood there stupidly as the others went on ahead::
BOOMER: What just happened here? I thought she liked me.. ::Speedy pulled him by the arm so he could catch up with the others::
**Meanwhile, Rage, Polly, and Guido were trying to get out of the deep forest that they stumbled into**
POLLY: Thanks a lot Guido! ::she beamed him across the back of his head and the three of them stopped walking:: We've been going around in circles for the past 3 hours!
GUIDO: Hey! We aren't lost. Trust me. It just so happens that all the trees here are identical and were made this way to throw us off course. ::Rage and Polly looked to each other::
BOTH: We're lost. ::they sat down::
GUIDO: Ok.. so maybe I did get turned around a bit.. but I know the way out of here! ::Polly and Rage glanced at one another again::
POLLY: Let's let someone else lead the way because it's obvious your doing a poor job at it. ::Guido stuck his tongue out at her::
GUIDO: Fine. So I guess you want to lead then?
POLLY: Of course! ::she stood up:: I am the best pizza cat you know.
GUIDO: Not true! You have to much of a short temper to be a leader.
RAGE: This is getting old you two. I'll lead. I'm used to this, after all I was in the military.
POLLY: ::a Anime sweat drop appeared on her hair:: Works for me!
GUIDO: ::he had his hand behind his head:: Ditto. ::they took off after Rage not knowing that they would soon be re-united with the others, once again::
LUCILLE: Hey! Look at those trees up ahead! Bet it's cool in there! If I stay in this heat much longer I'll get very upset.
SPEEDY and FRAN: Uh oh! ::they ran behind Lucille and pushed her all the way into the woods and Boomer managed to catch up with them::
BOOMER: What was that about? ::he was breathing heavily::
LUCILLE: Thank you guys. I feel much better now.
SPEEDY: *whispering* When she gets upsets, she launches missiles from her hair, literally.
BOOMER: Ouchies..
FRANCINE: Be quiet guys! I hear footsteps!
SPEEDY: Oh no! It's another Barney! ::he hid behind Boomer:: *whimpering* Hide me.
BOOMER: Aww.. dad, it's nothing. ::they all continued walking as did Polly, Guido, and Rage::
RAGE: Get down. I hear something. ::Polly pulled out her dagger and Guido his umbrella::
GUIDO: Good thing we attached the sheaths to our normal clothes huh?
POLLY: Oh yea. ::the three of them got down and waited for whatever was coming towards them to step through the trees::
BOOMER: Come on Dad, we have to protect the girls. Get your sword ready. ::he took out his ball and chain::
SPEEDY: I didn't attach the sheath to my normal clothes.. it's still with our armor.
LUCILLE: Say.. what did you do with your armor Speedy?
SPEEDY: We took it off and placed it in a small cave. ::He glances to Boomer:: And don't call me Dad! I'm not your dad!
GUIDO: On the count of three we attack. 1, 2, 3! ::he, Polly, and Rage jumped out ready to fight till they realized who it was::
SPEEDY: Here you guys are!
GUIDO: We thought we had lost ya.. of course.. we could care less about Speedy.. I'm just glad to see that Lucille is all right.
POLLY: Jesus! ::she shook her head:: Well now that we are all back together.. what do we do now? ::they all sat down in a small circle::
SPEEDY: I don't know.. I just want to go back home. This limbo world and this corny plot are getting on my nerves.
GUIDO: Yea.. same here. I'm getting a headache from just trying to understand all this. ::Polly was leaning against Rage::
POLLY: I'm sure everyone is.. whatever the Big Cheese is up to, it's confusing.
LUCILLE: I just hope we can get out of this place soon.. I left Wally in charge of the Tea House.
POLLY: Yea.. and we left the B-team to run the pizza shop.
FRANCINE: At least we're still making money. ::Speedy looked over at Boomer::
SPEEDY: Why so quiet?
BOOMER: I believe I just figured out what's going on here!

POLLY: So what's going on?
BOOMER: I forgot.. ::a sweat drop appeared::
::the others all fell over::
GUIDO: Well that was pointless.
BOOMER: Sorry..?..
RAGE: Now what guys?
SPEEDY: Let's rest for a while until we think of something.
::Polly and Rage were sitting away from everyone looking at the sunset when Boomer finally came up with an idea::
BOOMER: I have an idea guys! Someone go get Polly and Rage.
FRANCINE: Let them have their time. We can fill them in later.
GUIDO: So what's the idea?
BOOMER: We all find some red shoes and say to ourselves "There's no place like home" 3 times!
GUIDO: You do that Boomer.. we'll just be over here.
::they all left him::
BOOMER: I was kidding guys! I swear!
POLLY: So, how long do you think it'll be till things get back to normal?
RAGE: I don't know.. hope it's soon though.
POLLY: My real parents must be worried about me now..
RAGE: What do you mean? I thought everything that happened before was fake?
POLLY: I think I've figured most of it out. Everything was real up to the part where my dad started chasing us. Since then, it's all been like one nightmare controlled by The Big Cheese only we have no idea where he is or where we are or how to get out of here. Some vacation huh?
RAGE: I'm sure we'll find someway and from the looks of everyone, whatever Boomer's idea was wasn't a great idea.
POLLY: And that surprises you? ::she grinned::
RAGE: Didn't say it did now did I?
::Speedy came up to them and tapped Polly on her shoulder::
SPEEDY: I hate to interrupt.. -=Not really but what chance do I have with her now anyway?=- but Boomer has a great idea on how to get out of here and possibly ending this fanfic.
POLLY: He does? I thought his idea was a flunk?
SPEEDY: The first one was but this one isn't. It's crazy enough to work.
::the three of them got up and headed over to the others::
RAGE: -= Geez.. I can't wait till this is all over. Then maybe Polly and I can spend some time together without getting interrupted=-
BOOMER: *grinning* Nice of you two to join us. Now here it is again for people just joining in. This Afternoon I noticed a black hole in the sky similar to the one we came through. If it's what I think it is, by going through it we'll end up where the Big Cheese as you call him is.
GUIDO: How do you know this for a fact? I mean it seems to obvious. Even for Bird Brain and Cheesy Boy.
BOOMER: I don't know but it's worth a shot right? What have we got to loose?
::they all looked at him::
BOOMER: Ok.. so I peeked ahead at the script when I wasn't supposed to. So sue me.
ALL: Ok. We're in.

So all of them were off and after a long and perilous journey of 1 hour and 15 minutes they had made it to the black hole.
POLLY: Finally.. we're here..
SPEEDY: Yea.. let's hope Boomer is right. How long till it closes anyway Boomer?
BOOMER: 1 minute..
POLLY: Damn!
GUIDO: Well.. women and children first I always say. So Lucille and Fran, that goes for you.
POLLY: I'm a women too you know!
GUIDO: You are? I'd never would have guessed that..
::she was about ready to clobber him when Rage stopped her::
RAGE: Come on.. let's just go..
::Lucille and Fran went in followed by Boomer, then Guido, Speedy, Rage, but by the time it was Polly turn the portal had nearly came to a complete close::
POLLY: Shoot.. I'm not going to make it.. ::a hand reached out she grabbed it and she managed to get in just before it closed:: Thanks.. ::she looked up and saw Rage had caught her and she blushed::
SPEEDY: Ok Mr. I looked ahead in the script. Where the heck are we?!
GUIDO: I think we're home guys. ::they emerged onto a street::
POLLY: Hey! We are home! This is the street our shop is on!
FRANCINE: Oh goodie! I can't wait to start counting profits again!
BOOMER: Glad to see you all are home.. but my home is about 20 years in the future, in Paris, France. How will I get back?
::Just then 5 shadows appeared. It was the rude noise and Bad Bird.::
BAD BIRD: Ok.. so our whole plan was a flop. At least we still get to do this great fight scene!
SPEEDY: Wait a sec guys! Our stuff is still back in that Deminsion! That means.. we're weaponless.. and armorless.
GUIDO: Shoot! Now what?
POLLY: Fran, Lucille, go to the shop and call the B-Team. ::they left::
GUIDO: Boomer, Rage, can you guys fight? ::they looked around::
SPEEDY: Where'd they go?
POLLY: I have no idea.. strange..
GUIDO: Maybe they both hid.. who knows?
BAD BIRD: Ok. Enough with the talking! Rude Noise! Attack!
BAD MAX: With pleasure.
SPEEDY: For once.. I think we're going to loose..
GUIDO and POLLY: I hear you there..
GUIDO and POLLY: Ack! We're starting this again!
::Speedy groaned::
SPEEDY: Not again..