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Welcome to my small collection of links dedicated to the show, Samurai Pizza Cats. The 4 buttons above are buttons you can use to link to my site. Please link it to ( If you would like your page to be linked on here, then click Here. However your page has to be SPC related.

Edoropolis Emporium
Looking for a fun forum to talk about SPC and mingle with some fans who have been around sinc ethe show first aired on FOX? Then check out this nifty place. It's a LOT of fun.

Looking to download SPC episodes? This is the site to go to. Episodes are rotated monthly! Also, a new treat... Tigriss has the KNT Opening translated and rumors are, the ending translation is on it's way.

Pizzacat's Artwork
Pizzacat's Deviant Art Page, where he has a great number of fanworks done of none other then Polly Ester. As well as the other characters, just not as much.^^

Seeing as to how he hosts my site for me for free and allowed me to have a ton of space as well, I figured it's be nice to link his page on mine. Don't you think? (j/k Purrcat... honest^^) But seriously it's a nice looking page that has some SPC Fan Art, other Fan Art, and some way cool looking CGI art.

S. I. D. Headquaters
At the moment, the only things of importance here is my contribution made up of SPC fanfics and my huge "(K)o(C)" Pizza Cats story, but considering I update the place either weekly or twice a week, the place is worth checking out.

No longer updated, but is a huge database full of information about the show Samurai Pizza Cats, including information on all of the characters from the show.

SPC Online Petition
Want to help get SPC back on TV? Then sign this petition that will be sent to the people who gain the rights to SPC next.

SPC Pizza Parlor
A SPC club that is hosted on DeviantArt where SPC fans can show off their awesome fanart of all of their favorite SPC characters.

Come here to help bring back our show.

Samurai Saving Time
Another great page to get info on how to save SPC.

SPC Fanart Archive
An awsome site, with fanart of everyone's favorite SPC characters and dedicated to fanart only. A must see.

"That Overflowing Bath of Wonders". With a title like that, you know this page has to be good. Yes, it does deal with the SPC.

This has to be the absolute best page out there. It has everything such as: Facts on Princess Vi, A Vi Dress Up Game, A tirade page, an awards page, contact page, fan-mail page, a game room, and of course links. Very well done.