Everything I need to know,

I learned from watching SPC!

This is a list of all the things fellow fans have learned from watching SPC. I don't have a 100 just yet, but that is my goal. So if you can think of any, send them to me. You will be credited for them. I promise ^^

1) Be very aware of a fox that you see dressed in drag, it usually leads to trouble. -- Me
2) Crows can live to be over 2000 years olds.. maybe they hold the secret to eternal life? --Me
3) Beware of Babes with Nuclear Hair Do's --Me
4) A panda and a bunny can reproduce another bunny --Me
5) Even villains have girlfriends --Me
6- Stay on the writers' good side. --Compute827
7- Never say you're sorry, you'll just get stuck with the chores. --Compute827
8- Never EVER beat Princess Violet at video games. --Compute827
9- Baseball can settle all disputes. --Compute827
10- True love can be found at the strangest times, in the strangest places. --Compute827
11. Say please and thank you and hit the other guy before he hits you --Lil Polly
12. Never let yourself be a guinee pig to a Guru --Lil Polly
13. Watch your P's and Q's or H will fall on your head --Lil Polly
14. Cheap-o forign immitations of designer products just don't cut it --Lil Polly
15. Bora Bora must have been a nice place --Lil Polly

16. It ain't so bad accepting defeat --Lil Polly
17. The term 'indestructable' isn't as good as it sounds --Lil Polly
18. Just because things are hopeless, that's no reason to give up --Lil polly
19. Narrators can be replaced. --Princess Violet
20. Landing on your head can be mentaly stimulating. --Princess Violet
21. Sometimes a fox can be a rat. --Princess Violet
22. A giant fiish is the best way to save the world.. or at least little, Tokyo. --Me
23. Love will always conquer(sp) over evil! --Me
24.Beware of butterfiles, unless you want a free sex-change.. --Me
25. Never take a slow boat to China, no matter how beautiful it is. --Lil Polly
26. When things get way out of hand, the best solution really IS to jump in your oven. -- GuidoDan
27. They just don't make lands of exile like they used to.. --GuidoDan
28. Blowing up is a quick and easy form of stress relief. --GuidoDan
29. There are more than a just few ways to severely injure someone with a frying pan. --GuidoDan
30. Generally, giant robots aren't what they're cracked up to be. --GuidoDan
31. If you see a giant robot with three cats fighting it,you're not in kansas anymore. --Nirav
32. Never get shot out of a cannon if the launcher has a bad shot. --Pikachu Quento
33. Buildings don't move, so just close your eyes, and take the pain. -- Pikachu Quento
34. Cats + Water = Bad Equation --Pikachu Quento
35. Since the above is true, cats don't like baths. --Pikachu Quento
36. They don't like oceans either. --Pikachu Quento
37. Beaches aren't that bad, though... --Pikachu Quento
38. Dogs and cats can get along. --Pikachu Quento
39. Rabbit + Panda + Royal Status = Spoiled Bunny. --Pikachu Quento
40. If you try hard enough you can get what you should have gotten in your contract. -Karamaru-kun
41. Don't give up animators for new writers. -Karamaru-kun
42. A simple kiss from a guy in a rediculous outfit can cure a bad back. -Karamaru-kun
43. Bad guys usually get better vacations than good guys who work for a cheap dog. -Karamaru-kun
44. You never know when a little clown at the circus is your long lost, true love. -Karamaru-kun
45. In cartoons other people can hear your thoughts. -Karamaru-kun
46. Not all empresses are as dignified as they sound. -Karamaru-kun
47. Don't waste your money on a big, golden, fortune telling bird. -Karamaru-kun
48. The real Santa doesn't give creepy masks with super glue on them. -Karamaru-kun
49. He also doesn't have Karamaru(Bad Bird) as a driver. -Karamaru-kun
50. Should you mess with a pretty kitty with a REALLY hot temper, she'll use your face for her new scratching post! - ApacheMan2X
51. Blowupable is a real word. - Brandon Johnson
52. Narattors get payed minimum range.- Brandon Johnson
53. When somebody is offering you a new flute for an old one, don't even THINK about giving Polly Esther's flute away -- or else, you'll be sorry! - ApacheMan2X
54. Never call Polly "Old Halibut Breath"! - ApacheMan2X
55. be careful about what you do or say around lucille -- otherwise, you'll find yourself running away from heat-seaking missiles! - ApacheMan2X