Not Pizza Cats, but still worth linking to.


Ayeka Fan ClubThe Ayeka Fan Club A nice little club for fans of Princess Ayeka of the "Tenchi Muyo" series.

Eto Rangers: Novel Worlds Eto Rangers was made by the same people who made Kyattou Ninden Teyande. Currently, this is the only English Eto Rangers fan page.


J.Fujita's Nando
Japanese, but has an English version. Some nice pictures. Look in the "Junk" section of the Gallery. (Don't be fooled by the name, you'll be pleasantly surprised!)

Nekosupi's Homepage
A nice page with lots of cute pictures, including Pizza Cats! You may have trouble finding your way around if you can't read Japanese. Look around and you can find a small gallery of Pizza Cat pictures.

Shard Online Vi Award
Shard Online Expresso's project page. He's best known among SPC fans as a great SPC fan artist. Not much on his page right now, but he'll fix it one of these days. He's never happy unless he's changing things. (His page used to be all SPC stuff, which is when he won my award)

GD's Page Vi Award
GD-Kun Another former SPC page that just grew into something else. He hasn't forgotten his roots though, you can still find a few SPC pics here. Now days he's know for his "Our Home Planet" web comic. Warning: A lot of the pictures here are not suitable for kids. He's a naughty boy.

Pets / Animals

Dear Kogenta Stop Animal Abuse. Also visit my own Kogenta Memorial.

How to Say Rabbit in Many Different Languages

Official House Rabbit Society Home Page


Free Site Free stuff, the way the internet should be! Free software, free games, free files, all sorts of free stuff to download.

Irfan View Irfan View is a free graphics viewer (it also opens WAV, MIDIs and more with plug-ins). I highly recommend it!

REAL Alternative The "Real" media player is full of ads and spyware! "Real Alternative" can play your ".rm" and ".ra" files without the extra junk you don't want.

Get Firefox!FireFox What!? You're still using Internet Explorer!? Try Firefox for your web browsing. Once you get used to it, you'll love it.

Pixia Do you like to draw, but you're stuck with MS Paint for your computer graphics? Pixia is a free graphics program that you can use instead.

Don't buy CDs from any recording company associated with the RIAA.