What's New?

What's New? 3/3/2010 Updated Doujon List in the Toybox section, and Links.
6/10/09 English SPC comics from "Saban Powerhouse" added to the manga section.
2/13/09 More new pages from "Hash Hash" in the manga section. This time it's "Magical Girl Pururun.
1/12/09 New pages from "Hash Hash" in the manga section.
10/01/08 I added 2 new fan art pictures to the Gallery, and I'm pretty much done moving all the stuff from my AOL hosted pages to Edoropolis.org.
10/01/08 I'm being forced to move, since AOL, where I started and hosted the main part of my web pages for over 10 years, has decided to discontinue their web hosting. As some of you may recall, I used to be very good about adding new updates to this page every month, but things went downhill this year and I had to use my time for other things. But I still love my web page and I'm not going to let it die so easily. Moving means I will have to re-upload a lot of things and edit most of my pages to reflect the new URL. This will take a while, so expect a few broken links. If you still see broken links after November 1st, report them to me and I'll fix them. A lot of the most popular parts of my web page were already being hosted on other sites. These will be fine except for I need to edit the links on them that go to the AOL pages. I will be getting rid of a few old things I had hosted on AOL, like the dress up page which was kind of fun in the 90s, but is a bit old now. The Secret Room hasn't been updated in almost a year, so it may as well go too. Other things are undecided right now. Oh, I'm also taking this chance to start the updates page fresh and get rid of all the old updates.